Is there a specialist therapist in the Sheffield area for lymphatic drainage for the face ?

I had fillers injected under my eyes 3 years ago and my eyes have never been the same since. They are puffy and I constantly look tired. I sought advice from an independent cosmetic surgery expert and they said that the fillers had gone but the puffiness could be due to blocked lymph nodes around the eye area. They recommended I found a specialist in facial lymphatic drainage, I'm just not sure where to start. Can anyone help please? Or recommend anything I can do to remove the excess water around my eyes?
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We are based in Lincoln and have helped a number of clients with this use using a combination of techniques that use Bioptron light and massage. In over 90% of cases only one session was required and the cost is under £40. The key for us is 100% safety... the technique we use is approved for use on babies.
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Hi Leslie, sorry to hear about your issue. I am based in London but my bit of advice would be to do some self-massage on a daily basis to ease the puffiness and liquid retention.
Using lymphatic drainage, focus on draining the affected area - the technique is very gentle so please don't apply too much pressure. I enclose a link to my video tutorial and if you have any further questions by all means drop me a line.
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Hi. If you go to the MLDuk website and click on to the "Therapists" tab at the top it will take you to a map of the UK. Type in your post code and it will show you who is in your area. Ideally you want someone who is specifically trained in MLD for the Face & Neck. If your problem is blocked lymph nodes then MLD will definitely help to get the lymph moving and the Therapist you see should be able to show you some massage movements that you can also do yourself at home to keep the lymph stimulated. Good luck. Norah
HI,Try with needle free mezotherapy under eye,this by machine,no fillers or anything .I recommended because one part of the treatment is drainage.In our clinic,we do that and then manual drainage.digipressure
I would recommend a galvanic facial with use of ideal eyes cream on a daily basis. You can either book in for treatments or purchase your own facial machine. The products used with the facial spa are great for reducing puffiness , lines & wrinkles
Hi, I do specialise in post cosmetic surgery lymphatic drainage but unfortunately I am based in London. The lymphatic system runs very close to the surface of the skin and only a gentle touch is required to active it, with this in mind you could facials that include lymphatic drainage. Hope that helps. Regards, Karen
sorry i dont know about in the sheffield area as i am based in kent. advice for you is to search for mld massage therapists in your area and look for indepentant ones not tied to a specialist salon doing beauty treatments. seems like they took your money and dont care or cant sort out the problems they have caused. also independant people are often more qualified than those in larger salons due to training and insurance. hope this helps and you get it sorted out
Hi there are tonnes of facial products for eyes which retain fluid and combined with the right daily massage techniques can be combat the problem. I do facials and massage which really helps. Although I'm in worksop not Sheffield. If not theres certain hemorrhoid creams which reduce fluid but make sure you do a patch test first as its a delicate area
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