Hi I'm looking for an effective treatment or product to help with hyper pigmentation.

I'm in desperate need of an effective treatment for hyper pigmentation all round my body. Would love a skin lightening treatment which would leave my skin really soft, moisturised and help hyper pigmentation.
If you have black skin or are familiar with black skin, I'd love some recommendations and advice on treatments or lotions to use.
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To remove pigments using Ionocinesis technology?
£89 for 1 hour! - Ionocinesis is a revolutionary new technique to Overcome skin pigments, Plump cells with hydration, fill in wrinkles . *NO NEEDLES & NO BOTOX USED - It uses a mild and painless electrical field applied to the skin, together with Bio-Activated Organic Silicium. Used in European top spas, It is completely safe and non-invasive and the most effective Wrinkle Filler, skin Hydrator available
How Does Ionocinesis Work?
This gentle treatment consists of applying 2 small electrodes, which are then connected to a special electrical generator. The generator produces low intensity (non-toxic) regulated electric fields in combination with Bio Activated Organic Silicium as a conducting solution. The body becomes a conductor of the electrical current; a movement of ions is then activated by this current. Positive or negative ions can be removed or introduced in the body.
You lie down and relax during the application, which generally lasts only 30 to 60 minutes. A slight sensation may be noticed but it is not painful. The Pigments are released on cotton pads, skin is visibly hydrated and cells are plumped, amazing difference in wrinkle depth is visible.
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hello, I am a black.man, nassage therapist, are you in my city? (Rome - Italy)