Is it possible to have a CACI treatment on your arms?

Asked by sandra1960

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I take it your wanting to tighten up loose skin on your arms? If this is the case the caci won't work as the area is too big. Also the machine is geared up to treat the face only.
If you are wanting to tighten up loose skin and re-contour your arms I would recommend the LPG Endermologie treatment. I have been using this machine for over 8 years and have had fantastic results.


I would like to thank you for your answer to my ? .It was helpful
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Hi Sandra I notice that you were enquiring whether CACI can be used on your arms and were told that CACI wont work as the area is too big. Please note that this is not true and that the CACI Quantum can work on the arms to tighten the area on the triceps and biceps it can be used also for the top of the back and bottom of the back to tighten muscles and the face, legs, arms and body and hands. If you need further information then please do not hesitate to contact me.
Depending on what version of CACI machine you have depends on what treatments a therapist can offer it would appear that your previous response from DenfinitiveHeathand Beauty 3 weeks ago must just have the facial machine ie the Ultimate or Ultra or Classic if they had the body machine ie the Quantum they would have known that this is specific for the body and face.
Hope this helps! If your in my area come along for a treatment!