Infrared Therapy

Also known as:

Heat Therapy

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Getting a little hot under the collar is good for you. Whether it’s natural sunlight or an infrared beam, heat can help cleanse the skin and boost the immune system so you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. Infrared (IR) is a natural form of light which we feel as heat, coming from the sun and even from the heat we emit from our very own bodies. Infrared therapy is used to warm the skin and body, which helps with healing any aches and pains as well as enhancing blood flow, so your skin will be glowing with health in no time.

How does it work?

You'll usually enjoy your infrared therapy treatment in an infrared room where others will also be enjoying the treatment, much like a sauna, or you may have an individual cabin where you can bask in the heat and relax in privacy. You simply sit with your spine in line with the heater and let the IR heat get to work, so you'll want a towel and plenty of water to keep you comfy. Your body's core temperature will be raised, with the warm rays reaching deep tissue and increasing circulation so your heart can pump away happily.

Circulation of warm blood is used for physiotherapy to help healing, and for beauty treatments to encourage the blood flow to bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin surface. The more your skin breathes, the more enhanced the absorption of essential ingredients within creams to make them even more effective – so it's a great pre-treatment for facials and body masks. As you start heating up, you'll also work up a deeply cleansing and detoxifying sweat for a deep clean of the skin and the whole body.

The heating up of the core of your body means not only are you getting a gentle cardiovascular workout, but also your immune system gets a much-needed boost and your skin will appear fresher and clearer.

Is it for me?

If getting hot and bothered is not something you fancy, Infrared therapy could be for you. Rather than other heat treatments, such as sauna and steam room therapy, IR therapy heats the skin directly without heating the air, much like the sun keeping you warm on a cold winter's day. So rather than sitting uncomfortably in a humid or stuffy room, you can enjoy the warming sensations in your body without feeling flustered.

Whether you want to loosen up muscles before a massage, de-stress and unwind in a cosy state of warmth, detoxify your body to soothe away your sins or reduce aches and pains from wear and tear, IR therapy can help. For communal rooms you'll usually relax into the treatment wearing swimwear or a towel, but in a private room you could strip down to bare all to get the full benefits – just keep a towel handy to make sure you're comfy. A session will usually last around 30 minutes, with temperatures reaching thirty or forty degrees to give you a fresh off the beach feeling.

Good to know

Try a warm shower and a nutritious drink such as Wheatgrass or nettle tea after your treatment to give your body an even bigger boost.

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