what treatments are not advised for people with diabetes and why?

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Most treatments are fine to be carried out on someone who suffers from diabetes, but some salons, spas etc require a covering letter for your GP.
When having a pedicure you need to make sure you do not have any cuts or ulcerations on your feet and that the therapist takes care when cutting cuticles, corns and removing calluses.
The reason for this is because diabetics suffer from low or impaied immune systems meaning they take longer to overcome illnesses. Any cuts or ulcerations can lead to cellulitus which is a spreading infection of the skin leading to chills, fevers, sweats and swollen lymph nodes.
To be on the safe side I would firstly ask the salon or spa on their policies for treating someone with diabetes and then if necessary obtain a letter from your GP to cover you as well as the salon.
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Diabetes is turning out one of the most common disease for men and women these days. Following unhealthy lifestyle is one of the biggest concern which causes different health issues in which diabetes is one of the most severe. Its quite important for person to know about its symptoms present at link mentioned below and have accurate diagnose in initial stage. As far as your concern most of the treatments can be executed in diabetes, but its better to take opinion of doctors instead believing anyone.
Hi, you can have most treatments done. Waxing is not recommended but sugaring is as sugar paste is room temperature.
With manicures and pedicures the therapist has to be extra careful and avoid cuticle work etc.
I would recommend you speak with your doctor first as it does depend on the individual.
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When having a manicure or pedicure you should always inform the therapist you have diabetes as then they know to be more careful when filing and pushing the cuticles back. You definitely would not cut the cuticles with the cuticle nippers of someone who had diabetes.
Waxing is not recomended for persons suffering from diabetes as they are more susceptible to infection.
As a reflexologist, you have to get a covering letter from their local G.P. because when you treat a diabetic with reflexology, one of the points you work on can make the pancrease increase to 'release more glucagon; thus making the body overload with too much insulin in that persons body, also you always have to watch out for any cuts or abrasions on the foot, which could cause an infection, bruises etc., you have to be careful with.
Even if you have a covering letter from a GP, I would check with your insurers/professional body as in the event of an injury to eg a diabetic foot, you may find you are not covered.