Is getting a body wrap slimming?

Is it good for losing weight?
Asked by charleymarley

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There are many different types of body wraps available. Some body wraps promote inch loss by helping the body to detox. The combination of cleansing and exfoliating the skin, together with the massage techniques used to apply the detoxing solution and then the application of bandages can help leave the skin looking and feeling smoother and firmer. This can be an excellent way of boosting your morale when you are following a healthy eating regime as it can give you that boost to stick at it. They also are a great idea before that special occasion to leave you feeling super gorgeous and glowing in your perfect party outfit.
Other body wraps are designed to nourish the skin leaving you feeling relaxed with super hydrated skin. Most body wraps need to be left on for a while to allow the products to work, so you can easily add a facial, lash tint or pedicure to your treatment to leave you feeling pampered from head to toe!
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