Which body wrap is best for losing inches off your waist?

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the best weight loss treatment is breathing exercise-there is dead easy to perform this breathing exercise with Frolo's device based on Buteyko technique which provide each your body cell with sufficient amount of oxygen and more than that normaizes the level of carbon dioxide in the body-a golden key to healthy metabolism-high level of energy-less waste(by-products of metabolism)- next to the nothing lactic acid production-thus no to acidic environment-ph balanced-immune system maintained-cell have enough energy to do the job and self-healing mechnism in good functioning level- normalized weight! http://www.learnbreathcorrectly.co.uk
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Definately start with a course of 3 Slindy Wraps from Skeyndor to help detox and then Tone the muscles by using a proffesional Genie Machine ( up to 15 for best results), results are amazing, my clients love this combination because it works! Visable Inch Loss and more defination is apparent - Amazing and Effective.....
Laser lipo with combination body wrap and limphatic drainage, to get better results 10 session and exercise.
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