Is there a body treatment/wrap that can help me get rid of marks/dark patches on my body?

We had a bed bug infestation recently. Although the bugs are gone now, i'm left with dark spots and patches in many areas of my body. I think i was allergic to those nasty things! Does anyone know of any kind of body wrap or treatment available in London that will help reduce these patches? Thanks for your help!
Asked by Fariha

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Try prolegene gel from decleor. Fantstic for marks left from mosquito bites so I'm assuming it would work the same for bed bugs!?
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the galvanic spa can be used on your body as well as your face, so turns into a handy piece of beauty equipement to have at home. regular use will really help your skin colouration and bring out the natural pigmentation of your skin
It would not be a body wrap that would help you to rid your body of hyperpigmentation. I would suggest that you look for body products containing glycolic or hydroquinone, etc. Products containing ingredients designed to exfoliate and to lighten dark patches.
Microdermobrasion or a chemical peel will get to the deeper layers of the skin, do regular skin scrubs your self and use a cover up to disguise the dis-colouration on your skin. when your skin has shed enough times the marks will go, Morkito bites leave marks for ages on the skin too little bliters :-(
Body wrap is only to help loose inchess on the body, for you to get rid of marks, dark patches, better try laser treatments or time by time the marks disappearing.
difficult to say properly without actually seeing need to start using a vitamin A product. Like ENVIRON'S AVST body oil. If it is a pigmentation problem then ENVIRON'S clarifying lotion would be good too.
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