What types of body wraps are best for reducing cellulite and water retention? Any near London?

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Body wraps containing caffiene are the ones typically associated with reducing inches and water retention. Results can be effective in reducing inches along the waistline however, they are temporary. As soon as you consume liquids again, your body will again retain the fluids lost from your body wrap.
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Here some tips to achieve a more slender figure and smooth away unwanted cellulite:
Drink more water .
Eat Well.
Take fresh fruits and vegetables will help your body fight these toxins.
Apply skin cream to your thighs.
Use lemon juice.
Daily massage will help to reduce the cellulite.
Take a green tea.
Body wrapping can help to remove fat deposits on back of your thighs and legs fast.
Try to exercise at least an hour a day.
Hope will help.
The Molyneux body wrap is one of the best on the market. Will do wonders at detoxifying & inch loss.I work in the Middlesex area.
Univeral contor warp works wonders as it is a detoxifying wrap giving inch loss benefints. Our adverage loss is 9 inches in our salon some loose as much as 12 inches. But the wrap does offer a guarenteed 6 inch loss. Google Universal contour wrap or call us and I would be happy to give you more information. 01474850627