Are Acai berry supplements good? I am tempted to try them

I'm not sure whether they will do anything. I'd love to loose some weight and gain energy.
Asked by Tiffany1986

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Hi Tiffany,
I am afraid there is NO magic pill (or product) to help you lose weight. You can spend all the money in the world on these quick fixes but it really just boils down to eating well, eating a varied diet and making sure you get enough exercise. I know it is dissappointing and Acai berries may be beneficial in terms of their nutrient quantity but there is no scientific evidence to back them up as a weight loss tool.
If you would like some weight loss advice or help I am happy to help suppport you but it is behaviour change that you need to focus on for this and not supplements.
It is very hard to discover the myths from the truths on the internet.
I have pasted one American skeptic doctors opinion below but this is one of many!
Let me know if you have any further questions.
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Hi Tiffany - Acai is the best, but not in dried-out distilled versions in supplements. You'll get loads of additives and spare cellulose to bulk it up. Powder form isn't as tasty or effective as fresh. I eat acai as often as I can, and I buy it frozen pulp form in almost ice-lolly packs, from health food stores. It's SOO yummy. Like chocolate and blueberry and strawberry with added awesome. I mix it banana and guarana for sweetness and wakeup, but try it in a chilli or in a scarlet lasagne. Since I've been eating it once or twice a week I've had better circulation and skin, I feel happier and better, my mind and emotions feel more settled and clear. I sleep better and I dream well. I heard it's good for Alzheimers prevention and that would match my own experiences, my memory is better than even Gingko. Its my favourite part of my diet in terms of positive tangible health effects. But taking a dried sawdusty powder in a capsule... totally don't see the point, its' a yummy fruit. Why would you take all the fun out? xx
And yes, I'm firmer and fitter since my health improvements that I attribute fully to the acai xx
I wouldn't recommend Acai berry, if you're looking to lose some weight. For energy, you can't beat vitamin B12 supplements, which will also speed up your metabolism. You're better off making sure to drink plenty of water, and either taking flax seed oil or better yet, replacing butter/oil in your cooking with flax seed oil to help you detox. I have found that drinking tea (without milk and sugar) in reasonable quantities helps me to stave off hunger, lose some water weight, and keep my energy up. But your body may have a different relationship with caffeine, which can have negative effects.
Hi Tiffany,
I'm an Independent Arbonne Consultant and we specialise in a range of healthy well being products as well as skincare and cosmetics. We recently launched a new Arbonne Essential range for women, I truely recommend trying one of our amazing superfruit boost drinks. They come in a 90ml bottle and contain juices from pomegranate, blueberry, acai, grape, cranberry and other known superfruits; infused with antioxidant and immunity ingredients as well as ingredients for energy. I'm hooked already, I'm a mum of two young children and find that one of these drinks taken daily can increase your energy levels so that you feel revived and energetic. Check out my website for more information..
Hi Tiffany,
Acai Berry is a fantastic anti-oxidant. Inna Health Acai Berry has an ORAC ( oxygen radiacal absorbance capacity) of 5.500, which is very high, protecting the body from free radicals and therefore from inflammation, ailments and disease. Boosts energy levels and improves the immune system.
Do you exercise? Exercise is important! Do you have a healthy, balanced diet?
For weight loss I can recommend the following Inna Health products:
Fat to thin - traps fat and prevents it from being absorbed by the body
Weight burn - herbal fat metaboliser, increases metabolism
Green Power - nutritious food combination, helps to increase metabolism and energy levels
Inna health products are organic supplements.


Hi Tiffany,
have you tried Arbonne Essential super fruit drinks? They come in a 90ml shot and contain juices from pomegranate, grape, blueberry, cranberry, acai and other known super fruits; infused with antioxidant and immunity ingredients as well as ingredients for me they are amazing!!! For more information check out my website