if you've lost weight is there any way to shrink your floppy skin without surgery?

I've lost some weight and my skin feels "floppy". How can I shrink my skin without surgery?
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Perhaps, but what you consume will have the biggest effect. A good quality supplement of vitamin E will make a big difference, and ensure you have adequate magnesium.
Deep Lymphatic massage is more specific than most other types and will improve tissue drainage and tone the skin.
I don't believe it's necessary to go down the road of surgery or even laser treatments - if that's you in the picture, you're young enough to deal successfully with this issue naturally and will be better off in the long run.
Good luck!
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Not easy, best to lose weight gradually so the skin has time to readjust
We can offer you a few treatments for your skin. Indiba and Titan could be an option. We would however, need to see the area to assess the skins elasticity. We offer complimentary consultations whereby you can discuss in length with our Doctor what you would like to achieve. Please call me to arrange your free consultation. Celeste Skin & Laser Clinic Tunbridge Wells 01892 535577
yes you can get good results without surgery, I got laser lipo is very good to firm the skin, also I do body treatments, body wrap with good procuts, limphatic drainage.
Hi Isabelle - great question as surgery is not always the option for many clients. Try Radiofrequency treatment which uses deep heat to create a lifting and firming effect, or Velashape, a combination of Radiofrequency, infrared light and deep tissue massage for collagen stimulation and improvement in tonacity at the same time. See http://www.traceybell.co.uk for more information
Dear Isabelle, you may want to consider a French technologie called LPG Lipomassage by Endermologie which has a special programme treatment course for sagging skin. It is non-invasive and combined with specific exercises gives exceptional results. You are welcome to pop in for a free consultation or give us a call 02072835800. Our website has a lot of useful information as well.
There are now treatments available that are a good alternative to surgery; Collagen Stimulation Therapy has already been mentioned, and this is a really fantastic and proven way to improve the look of loose, 'crepey' skin on the body .A series of treatments is recommended to achieve really excellent results.
You can also use products which are packed with active vitamins to help the improvement of collagen production.
Environ is a range of skincare products which are active, giving the skin a positive boost.
There is a body oil, Environ AVST, which is very effective and will stimulate collagen production, and help to tighten the skin.
Hi, before my holidays I lost a bit of weight and by chance as I went in with a friend did a treatment while waiting as it was a special offer. It was the new machine Eximia and I must say not only sorted out my stomach but I bought more session to lift my bum and get rid of cellulite. I could see the difference after the 1 session I did and that was the only reason (and the price!) to buy more sessions (stomach 6 in total). If you want to lose the floppy bits or reshape the body I would recommend Eximia. You can look online where this equipment is available but I did it at Skin Like Silk in Camden (they have other branches) Worth a try especially when they do a promotion
Collagen replacement therapy would be very good for this. you would need to be using an Environ vitamin A cream/ oil first..This is a fantastic treatment for slackened skin, sun damage, stretch marks, dilated blood vessels,uneven skin tone in fact all visible signs of ageing& scarring. You will need to either speak to me or Environ head office. you will see my website below.
Environ0208 4502020
Making sure that your nutrition and water intake is good to bring back the elasticity. Gentle body scrub/exfoliating as well as moisturising also helps. I supply a body buffing wash and cream can assist with this as well as designing a nutritional personalised for you. Feel free to get in touch.
If there is any loss of volume, sagginess or weighing down of the face which is creating lines , then you may want to consider dermal fillers which can help to hydrate the skin, and restore some of the skins tightness and vitality. This is oftern used in conjuction with a good skin routine and possoblly the use of a skin peel. If you have stretch marks on your body surface, then you may want to consider genuine dermaroller therapy. Please contact us for more information. Where are you located in the country? Maybe you are located near one of our treatment centres?
this is a common problem that many of our clients ask, we recommend gentle exercise combined with use of the galvanic spa. not only can it be used on the body but also the face , a great piece of equipement that the whole family can use.
your skin able to strecth when you put on weight or when you lose weight also able to back to normal.
you must do tone up exercises and eat super healthy food no achol no smoking that will be make your skin repairment faster.
I train ladies who gave birth and has strecth mark even they also able to improve which I prove that it will be long progress but it is healthy way without touching knife and using any staff
healthy eating and nutrition is key elements, and Human body is big engineer which can be couch girl or super girs you pick one
More info contact me if you like info@fitinfitness.co.uk
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Your skin is your body's biggest organ and a massage can treat this all over and help your skin shed unwanted dead cells cells whilst at the same time increasing blood flow to encourage renewal and also increasing lymphatic drainage. As a result your skin will shrink to fit you like it used to. Go on, treat yourself to a regular massage, I get one once a week and call it my body care regime.
Mabel Plus radio frequency treatments are ideal for skin tightening and fat reduction. Hopefully there will be someone in your area who carries these treatments out. Please check out my website for more information.
It takes time for skin to adapt to weight loss, but in time it will find its elasticity to fit better with the body.. Follow the link for all the tips.
If the floppy skin is around the stomach area, Nabhi Abhyanga Deluxe, which is abdominal massage + mask is fantastic. For all areas of the body, Collagen Stimulation Therapy would be good. See website for further info: http://rejuvenateme.org/Collagen-Stimulation-Therapy-