Could anybody recommend me a place where I could find any wellbeing events?

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You mention that you do not have treansport, solocally based events would possibly be most approprite for you. In my local library they hold a mind, body & spirit events once a month, selling treatments and products etc. Maybe contact your local community organisations, council, library to see if something similar is taking place in your area.
Best wishes and good luck x
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I tried MBS but they mostly operate in London, not much in NW. They next event in Manchester is in September ( as far as I remember). Had a look at WLE but as I don't drive and have to rely on public transport I think I have to leave it.
Thank you everyone for your suggestions.
You could try looking on the Guild of beauty therapist website, I am sure they have links to info, also a great forum fo gaining info on events, training etc for all areas of the proffesion is salon geek, there are people from all over the world, mainy from the UK I would say but it is a great sourse of information, I am sure you could find some info there hope that heps, good luck x
There is a company called White Light Events which operates in the Midlands
They tend to run through the year in various parts of the UK - keep a look out in trade magazines such as Professional Beauty and Spa Secrets. The Vitality Show has just been on in London and Mind Body and Spirit Festival is coming in May.
Hope that helps
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hope this helps