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What is the best way to get fit and how many training sessions would you have to do each week.
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The best way to get fit is to do something that you enjoy, that also gets as many muscle groups as possible working. it is always best to vary the exercises performed as this keep the motivational level high and ensures that different muscle groups are worked at different levels of intensity.
You could try classes, exercises or pursuits such as;
Circuit training
The list is almost endless
The amount of training sessions you do a week would depend on your initial level of fitness and the timescale allotted to achieve your goal.
As a rule I tend to advise on 3 sessions a week though depending on the fitness of the client the impact level of the sessions may start off as low to moderate and increase with the clients fitness levels.
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the best way is to is to get a C.H.E.K. golf biomechanics i will get you drive up to 40 yards more we are the best i work with some of the world best golfers
Stretching and walking is the best way to get fit, and you need to do it everyday.
Get out there and take the first step. Get moving.
Then hire a personal trainer to get one to one advice on posture, motivation and the correct techniques, be it, how to run correctly (POSE METHOD), Kettlebell lifting, Resistance Bands work, Barbell training.
Move some more, Move faster, Swing harder, Pull heavier, Push heavier than you did yesterday or the week before. See the progression, be functional, and you will see your desired results. Time is not as important as just getting involved. Take small steps to start with then listen to your body.
Key thing, "JUST DO IT".
The best way to get fit - for life - is to build activity into your daily life: get around on a bike where possible, get an allotment or a serious gardening habit, run around with your kids, rather than running them around in the car, get a dog and walk it every day.
Hi andys,
the best way to get fit is the way you choose to get fit.