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Question: Can anyone recommend a Personal trainer around South London who has experience with obesity?

Asked by keenfb

18 answers

I'm currently 18st and ideally would like a personal trainer for a few sessions a week who has previously worked with obesity.

Personal Training, Weight Loss Treatments

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Hi Keen FB,

We have extensive experience of working with Obesity and our Clinic is based just near Victoria Station, London SW1.

Just to give you a great tip, 80% of your success will come from the coaching and support you receive in nutrition and lifestyle and understanding the bio-chemistry behind obesity. Exercise alone will not do the trick and spending hours with a trainer doing this will be a waste of your investment. Conventional Diets and punishing workouts don’t work for most people long term and anyone that recommends that you go on a restricted calorie diet does not understand the science of fat loss.

If you would like to talk further contact my assistant Sara Rizzi on referring to your request and I will be very happy to meet you for a Complementary Consultation to find out more about you and describe how our program works.

Best of Luck

Jeff Murray

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Hi ,I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics/
this makes sense to me; holistic approach is best; forcing the body is counterproductive.
fitness isn't the same thing as health, although people tend to think they are synonymous.

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I know you have already got plenty of great responses but in case you still haven't chosen a trainer I would like to offer my services. I am currently working with a woman in East London who is 21st and have put together an exercise and food plan based around her lifestyle and the fat is dropping off so can safely say I have good experience for helping with your goals.

Please feel free to check out my website and contact me with any further questions if you have any.




Hi.Check out my reviews and website Thanks Martin


Hi, I am a fully qualified personal trainer based in the Sidcup/Chislehurst area and have worked with many clients looking to achieve weight loss and improved health. You are welcome to visit my website and feel free to come back to me with any questions or requests for more information.



Hi there, I recommend Kristian, I have trained with him. This is his site:



I specialise in female weight loss and I work in the SW London area.

I would be more then happy to help you with your goals.

Here is my website It will tell you a bit about me.




Hi, I can recommend a great personal trainer in South London called Obi at Obi specialises in weight loss for women and is very motivating indeed, but does everything to your own level. He will push you hard, but you will feel great afterwards :) Kyla



Chris has got qualifications in advanced diet for medical issues, exercise referral for medical issues, including obesity and is qualified as a Personal Trainer at level four, which is higher than most UK trainers and the highest level currently recognised for Personal training in the UK. he lives in Peckham and covers most of south London. Read more about him, including his contact details on our website:


yes i can help im chek practitioner look at thing not say way are trainer do i look at lifestyle diet and healing the body and mind


Hello keenfb

We have a number of instructors that could help you but perticularly two that would be perfect, they can visit you or you can come to see us in our base in SE1 just off black friars rd.

We run a number of very flexible options for your training needs and would be happy to help
Check us out at I hope you find what you are looking for and good luck


Hello keenfb,

I operate out of Woodcote Gym, in Coulsdon, Surrey. With my knowledge and your willpower, your goals will be achieved faster than you ever thought possible.

Please feel free to contact me by visiting

Kind regards,




hi there
yes i can do som professional sessions with u if living next keninngton station n been doing fitness n bodybilding since 20 years so u welcom to join to me for student price!
contact me on 07949120406 for detals


Hi I'm beauty therapist, I do lymphatic drainage massage, laser lipo, also I work a fitness center in South London. In the gym has many personal training to help you.

Sources: lipo.html


Hi yes i can help you to lose weight, with over 20 years experience i have also worked with many people who's goal was to lose a large amount of weight, one of the sucsess stories of people training with me is someone i have just got back from training this morning who has lost over 8 stone and completley transformed the how he looks and feels. Originaly he was 21 stone and is now down to just under 13 stone and with a body fat percentage in the low twenties. So if you are serious about wanting to make a real change to your life contact me for a chat about how to make ambitions a reality. For more details you can visit



Hi, I can recommend my personal trainer Gokay. He is really good, very motivational, very friendly and experienced.
His website is and mobile 07872486891

Good luck



Hi Keenfb

Thank you for your message. Don't look any further as I've got more than 12 years experience as a PT and I'm currently one of the most successful PT's in London. Feel free to have a look at my website:

I also run a fantastic health retreat company:

I live in Surrey Quays. SE16

Please email or call me and I'll be happy to have an informal chat and fitness consultation.

Mobile: 07970008727




Sources: (please paste in a web address, or cite the source, e.g. books, people)


Hello, yes I can most definitely help you. I have 26 years experience in the fitness and health industry, have helped many obese clients over the years back to optimal health and live in the South London area....if you want a chat, don't hesitate to contact me
All the best


Hi I am a female Personal Trainer who specialises in obesity

I have 8 years experience working as a Personal Trainer - My clients have achieved great results and confidence ,
If you would like to get in touch please email me

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