When is the best time for training if you are training for fat loss?

What are your thoughts on training time if you are training for fat loss? What would be the best time to train? Would it be morning?
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The morning is certainly the most ideal time as thats when you can fire up the bodies metabolism and keep you energised for the rest of the day. If mornings are our of the question then anytime is still good to train but would certainly recommend mornings if you can.
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Hey guys. Yes I agree with you, mornings are the best time to train for fat loss, as you can use the fat storrage for the energy. Best thing would be to train 30min after you drink a protein shake (without carbs) it is just in case that the body wouldn't start to use muscle for a fuel, but it wont happen if your are training just for a short period of time (30min).
Hello there,
In order to lose weight or burn fat, any time of the day is good to train. A balanced diet and regular cardio and weight training is key to lose weight (fat) very quickly; to see any groundbreaking results you need to do cardio training for at least 30-45 minutes every day for a month. Having said this if you are a beginner in working out make sure you start with at least 20 minutes every day and slowly increase it to 45/60 minutes. Make sure you have a variety of different exercises, otherwise you might get bored. For some it is easier to train in the morning for others it is easier to train in the evening.
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The morning will be best, particularly if you can get some resistance training in as well.
A workout elevates your metabolic rate for several hours after the actual session so you will feel the benefits throughout the day.
Even better, if you can get an early morning in and then a quick turbo charge at lunchtime - a 20 minute strength circuit should fit nicely in before you have lunch and will make sure that that calorie burn continues throughout the afternoon too!
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When you have the most flexible time organise any training so it can be a permanent fixture in your life with out it becoming major stress or inconvenient. Mornings are best on a empty stomach with black coffee
Hi there
My view is that the best time to perform cardio is first thing in the morning as your body does not have any glycogen in your system to burn. Your body will therefore tap into your fat stores instead.
If you can't train first thing in the morning then perform your cardio training AFTER weight training. The reason being is that it will take around 30 minutes for your body to start burning fat (as you will have gycogen stores to deplete unlike first thing in the morning).
I hope this helps.