are there medeoicines that can help you lose weight rapidly

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I would say that yes, there are things that can cause a rapid weight gain, however, they can be dangerous and cause short-term and long-term health problems. Any fast weight loss may also cause rapid loss of muscle mass (thus rapid fat gain once you are off the diet), nutritional deficiencies and, what I personally consider to be the worst, hormonal imbalances. So the only way to lose weight is to do it by changing your diet and being active. You can use specific supplement programme in addition to your weight loss plan, but this would need to be discussed with your nutritional therapist. If you would like to learn more and ask questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I provide one-to-one consultations in person and via skype or phone if you can't get over here.
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google HCG drops. Many of my friends here in the UK and also in the US are getting amazing results. Even the guys are doing it, and it contains no drugs - avoid those types of treatment.
In this fast-moving society we all want quick results but unfortunately bodies have their own rhythms and chemical processes that need to be respected.
You may need to improve your digestion: many suffer from problems like bloating and constipation which, when resolved, may trigger a whole series of reactions that will bring a satisfactory weight loss.
Drugs are not the answer but gentle natural remedies can help. Personally I find that taking soluble fibre, avoiding wheat and dairy and saturated fat speed up the digestion and doesn't give you that bloated feeling which in the mirror looks like you're gone up two dress sizes.
Of course like all the other practitioners have mentioned exercise and a change in lifestyle managing your expectations on weight loss is the best approach.
Try also abdominal massage and manual lymphatic drainage to keep you motivated and support your lifestyle changes.
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As others have said below, losing weight too rapidly is not the answer. It wreaks havoc with your body, slows your metabolism down and means you will be fighting with your weight in the future. Instead, look to reduce the amount of starchy and fatty foods that you eat, focus on nourishing yourself with lean protein, fresh fruit and vegetables. Get gentle exercise that you enjoy such as walking, yoga, dancing etc (and I would agree with Scott39 qigong is brilliant!). You don't need to punish yourself! Depending on how much weight you need to lose and your metabolism you could easily and healthily lose one or two pounds a week through this method. That's a dress size in 6 weeks - it's fast enough! If you're interested in getting some one-to-one support with this have a look at for your nearest clinic - first consultations are free!
I'm afraid that rapid weight-loss is very definitely not the answer, as your chances of gaining it all back plus more are almost 100%. Have a look at my weight-related/wellness website: This has been the most effective way I have managed to control my weight, after yo-yo-ing for 12 years.
Actually there are so many medicines in Ayurveda for weight loss that too without any side effects.The details of those can not be written simply because you will not get them over there.If interested you can email me
the only way for good wight loss is doing so chinese qigong and a good diet have a look at metabolic typing diet i use this with all my client