what is the best general strength training program with limited time looking to lose weight?

I'm pretty short on time and have noticed my metabolism slowing down over the years. What to tone up and lose weight as well. Not planning to be a body builder and need something simple and easy I can do at the local gym.
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Hi Isabelle,
Have you tried vibration training (or Power Plate as it's best known now)? I agree with most of the suggestions given below in terms of cardio/weights/circuit training, but if you're looking for fast results as your post implies, then it really is an effective piece of kit. Most gyms have one now and they generally have the standard exercise poster somewhere nearby if you want to just follow them. My advice is that if you're fairly gym savvy and know lots of exercises already, there isn't much you can't adapt to do on a Power Plate and the benefit of vibration training is that it accelerates your results so if you did it 3 x a week, for 25 minute sessions, you'd see results within a month. I teach at a Power Plate studio so can attest to this.
I use it maybe once or twice a week as an alternative to other forms of training, or when I'm short on time, but if I want to get extra extra super toned for something in particular (last time was a wedding my boyfriends ex was going to hahaha), then I start using it 3-5 x a week with a good cardio programme on top and I always notice how much quicker I tone up.
The added benefits are that it boosts your lymphatic system, thereby speeding up the drainage of toxins and increasing blood flow so speeding up muscle recovery time. It's also great for cellulite and it's also great for osteoporosis as it helps to increase bone density.
Alternatively, ballet, pilates or callanetics are all great for toning and are fairly easy to do yourself once you know a few moves. If you want extra advice on those I'd be happy to help.
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I'm new to wahanda so appologies for the delayed response. The key to any effective strength program (other than exercise selection) is control. By this I mean the ability to perform any given exercise with quality technique in order to achieve a given number of reps. for a strength training appraoch this would see you perform around 8-10 reps per set; as a beginner I would recommed starting at 12 reps to cement body awanress and learning aspects of resistance training - then reduce the reps and increase intensity until you reach 8 reps. To empahsis the control element you need to focus on hte temp (speed) in which you perform each repetition i.e during a press up - you take 3 seconds during hte lowering phase and 1 second during the up phase (4 seconds per rep or 40 second per set). This approach should be applied to all other exercises in the body. In regards to specfic exercise, non serve better than the following classic examples - pull ups (assisted if nessesary), dead lifts, press ups, step-ups, inverted row, split squat. By following a circuit pattern for 4-6 weeks and a 2-3 sets approach for another 4-6 weeks should garner some impressive changes.
Hope this helps.
green tea and Herbalife thermojectics beverage help to increase metabolism. Taking the correct balanced nutrition your body requires always helps.
i highly recommend finding, purchasing or revising into Kettlebell Exercise/Workouts. Its simple to do at home and follow. Results can be seen in about 4 weeks, it envolves Cardio, resistance and core exercises for the whole body
For me it has to be Pilates as it strenghtens and both stretches muscles and practised at a good level 3 times a week will give weight loss. But it is also more about what you choose to eat and drink - so be aware of mindless eating and drinking and just find out how many calories those occasional glasses of wine or beer contain and it will blow you away
There's only one beverage that contains zero calories -water - not juice or cola or coffee
So being body aware is thinking about input as well as output - Nutrition and Activity balance
Hi Isabelle,
What I would suggest is Interval / Circuit Training 3 times a week - between 30 - 40 min per session.
Warm up: 5 min cycling - to warm up
Main session:
1 min - versa climber, fast running, etc (maximum speed)
3 min - squats, lunges, etc
1 min - versa climber, fast running, etc (maximum speed)
3 min - press ups, triceps dips, back work, ant other arm exercises - use dumbbells, etc
Do routine 2x, 3x
Cool down: 5 min cycling & 5 min stretch
I hope this is something you've been looking for. Any more questions please send me a message.
Enjoy the routine!
Hiya, well as we all know, everybody is different. The "treatments" I apply, are generally for people that have no time restrictions. I work with the NLP approach. I alter the thought process which in turn alters the behaviour. Loss is achieved over a period of time. Dramatic weight loss can be harmful.
kettle bell 10min exercise good for strength and very good for weight loss and cardio
Interval training without a doubt is the most time economic with fab results
do some squat on 333 tepo


can you be a bit more specific? I have no idea what 333 tepo is.