Problems with loosing weight or slimming, size 12 bottom ;10 top; 165cm height , weight 67kg

Exercise: 4-5 days w week including Zumba classes, pilates tonning exercises for whole body, focusing on legs and abs.
Diet:Avoiding carbs, mainly eating proteins, not eating bread and fast food, meat mainly grilled or roasted, no mayo etc-this is my normal eating routine
Hormons: the were checked and this is fine.
Dinner: The last meal I have around 5.30pm, trying to eat 5 meals a day, trying to eat every 3hrs and so.
Please help me to understand what is wrong and maybe any tips to help me to slim at leat one size.
Thank you. Anita
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This won't be the answer you want but I'm giving it anyway. Size 10/12 for your height sounds very healthy to me. Your diet does need some carbs otherwise you'll collapse from exhaustion and it also sounds a bit lacking in essential fatty acids.
You haven't mentioned how much water you drink - at least 2 litres a day is optimum.
What will you do so differently if you drop a size - how will that change your life.? Concentrate on being healthy - don't obsess about being a particular size/weight. Live for NOW.


Great answer! Try not to focus on dieting so much as when we obsess around our weight and cut out whole food groups it can lead to unhealthy eating habits.
Glucose is the only fuel the brain can use so don't starve your brain by cutting out carbs. Wholegrain carbohydrates are very much a part of maintaining a healthy weight so instead of cutting them completly, choose wisely and don't opt for the sugary foods. Same goes for the essential fatty acids. A balanced diet is vital for maintaining a healthy weight.
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Hi Anita,
it sounds like you're doing everything right food-wise. Though look at the speed you're eating, the more you pace yourself the better. Make sure you get your fruit and veg too, salads are good meals to have. Make sure your portions aren't too big either. The key is little and often (Though not too little either, starving yourself will not work or help).
Also maybe look into more cardiovascular exercises like cycling, swimming, rowing or running etc. These will help you burn fat, whereas the pilates you're doing (whilst being very good for your health and core stability) seems to be more toning you than burning anything. Also bear in mind that muscle weighs more than fat, which may suggest the lack of change in weight.
Give it time, and if still nothings changing then I agree maybe look into a check-up to make sure you don't have any food intolerances as in some people it can cause you to put on weight. Though you sound perfectly healthy to me!
Hope you find something that works, Best wishes.
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your over training you mays have stress in you body that is stop you from lose weight look at your training you may be doing not they right for you body i do a 4 hr assessment inside and out side of the body you see what is going on it can so many thing to say here so give me a call on 07841144878 and bet you i found out what going on or your money back from scott bryant
Hi Anita -
Firstly, you weight/height ratio doesn't sound excessive, but I can understand the need to feel more in control of your weight or simply the desire to be slimmer.
So, how much raw, green food are you eating? How much water are you drinking? And how often are you breaking into a sweat? Do you eat dairy? This can slow weight loss if there is an intolerance and most people have an intolerance to dairy and wheat.
Call me if you like and I can put you onto my CoRe Bio-resonance system and find out exactly why you are resistant to losing weight. It could also have it's roots in an emotional cause. 01635 253274
Hello Anita. An interesting question that you have posted!
If you are in the UK, then the size you are sounds quite healthy to me. Some people's body frame can be larger than others, so it depends. Has your GP said you are overweight at all, or are you in the 'healthy' range? I would certainly encourage a varied diet, not cutting out any particular food group. Avoiding fast food is sensible though. What you may want to consider is the body needs all the various groups to give it what it needs for optimum health, so it may even hold onto weight (sorry not the technical term, but I find the way I describe it works for people!) if you stop eating certain food groups. You should not cut out fats either, as the body needs fat to burn fat.
The recommendations for exercise is 30 mins 4 to 5 times a week, where you should get your heartbeat up to speed. Are you doing too much exercise? The body needs time to recover too.
I wonder if you would mind telling me, how old are you?
Generally if our body is healthy, our hormones are balanced and energy mobilisation is in balance with good ellimination and detoxifycation our weight will be stable with minimum self control and discipline. It sounds as if you need a lot of discipline just to maintain your weight! The answer is certainly going to be holistic to be sucessful and will look at your expectations, possible deficiencies, adjusting energy mobilisation and improving detoxification.
Detoxification is a key element of weight management for many reasons not least the documented effects of bowel flora on fat metabolism and the health of the liver on hormonal balance. Because of the over use of the word "detoxification" it has lost most of its significance but non the less if well understood and done following the needs of the individual it can be very useful and efficacious in optimum weight and health managment.
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Hi Anita. From what you have said it sounds like you could be overdoing things. Ask yourself these questions: am I feeling fresh before each workout? Am I having enough food to fuel my workouts? Am I constantly tired?
I think you may need to make a few tweaks here and there. Try varying your workouts every couple of weeks, changing the classes and also the number of days you train. You could do fewer days, which would allow your body to recover and adjust to the training you do. Your body doesn't change in the gym its what you do away from the gym that really counts.
Make sure you're getting adequate rest as well as varied nutrition. Carbohydrate provides your main energy source, without it you won't perform to your optimum. Things like brown rice, wholemeal pasta, quinoa are good sources of quality carbohydrate. Ensure that you are well hydrated, again your body will perform below par if you are dehydrated. You do need some fat in your nutriton in the form of nuts, seeds, oils. oily fish. These types of food can help you mobilise any fat you do have and play an important part in cell structures.
I hope this helps, feel free to get in contact.
Hi Anita
I would suggest you focus on what shape you want not the scales. I am a similar size to you having come down from a size 14. My 'weight loss' on the scales was small on the scales but my inch loss was great and I love my new shape. I used a healthy eating regime including Herbalife which is great for helping to shape us.
Have you checked what body fat% you are? This is what I do for clients as the secret to long term weight control is to have the correct body composition: flesh and bone not fat and bone.
Do remember, muscle takes up less space than fat per kg so it is important you watch shape change - especially as your diet of protein + low carb and your exercise routine is building your muscle and possibly increasing your weight while decreasing your size. Muscle is effficient at burning calories, fat is not so you are doing the right things.
Do give me a call if I can help. You can try the Herbalife products risk free for 30 days if that is of interest..
Hi Anita
Your BMI is in the normal range and it sounds like you keep yourself very fit, which is great.
i am curious to know if you are always hungry when the 3 hours have passed or is it a habit / routine that has helped you in the past.
I work a lot with weight loss and I work with the client's relationship with food, a lot of people I have worked with think about food all the time and do not consciously eat the food when it is a mealtime. By knowing when your body feels hungry or full, serves as a great measure as to when your body needs to be fed and when it is satisfied. Practice noticing when you are hungry and when you are full, then eat when you are hungry and stop when you feel full.
I also find that when clients change the process of how they think about themselves, this can change their perception dramatically. Always for the better.
Hi Anita
Thanks for your very question. Without meeting you and having a chat, it is a bit difficult to completely answer your question. You sound like you are doing all the right things when it comes to eating and exercising so my feeling is that your emotional relationship with food could be the obstacle. Also, how you eat, when you eat and where you eat can also be an obstacle to losing the weight. I have great success with hypnotherapy for weight loss so have a look at my website and get in touch with me directly and I will be able to talk to you more about it.
Hi Anitka.
Your diet sounds great as we all still need to eat but eat the correct foods. Its not about dieting its healthy eating and living. Exercise sounds great too. Im not too sure if what your asking is in regards to specific problems areas. The treatment I offer is called lipastyle and full info is on
Even when we have good diet and exercise we are unfortunately left with fatty areas eg saddlebags. These sometimes do not change no matter how much effort we put in. With the above treatment I can target specific areas and clients can slim down a dress size.
The treatment is very gentle and pain free, also I am offering incredible discounts for 6 sessions. Without seeing you I wouldn't know if you were a good candidate for my treatment but on paper you seem to be.
Please have a look at the website and contact me for further details.
P.s you never mentioned if you dont have sugars or not
Kind regards
Hi Anita, I have been helping people lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, whichever one it is they wish to achieve, for 14 years now. I would prefer not to give you advice like is essential that I speak to you, as my business is very much person to person. Just one very important fact you do need to understand, and this is it.....if your body is not getting a complete balance of the best nutrition on a daily basis, your body will not behave the way you wish it to behave.
I look forward to a call from you. My mobile: 075 302 48161
All the very best in health & vitality, Kathy
You're doing so well and obviously trying very hard. 1 diet / nutrition plan will not suit all. I am a nutritionist and we offer guaranteed weight loss or your money back detox programmes. We will take a look in your eyes - Iridology. to see if we can find areas in your body that need supporting or boosting...
Hi Anitka, I'm agreeing with Linda B - if you don't eat essential fats - (the clue is in the name) then you are unable to burn fat. Ensure you have a good intake from a variety of sources such as oily fish, seeds, avocado etc. A tablespoon of virgin coconut oil a day has been shown in trials to improve weight loss between two groups following identical diets. Also consider getting a food intolerance test done as eating something that seems healthy but is toxic to you can prevent weight loss - I know from personal & professioanl experience that this is quite common.
Hi Anita!
Have you tried juicing? Try drinking juices only for 3 days. This can kick start the weight loss. Focus mainly on Green Juices but also have some sweeter juices that includes Pineapple (very detoxifying). Make sure you have time to relax as you do this, so only light or no exercise.
Also incorporate more Raw Food (fruit and vegetables) into your diet which is very cleansing.
Also, try to change some of the classes for brisk walking to get more cardio exercise and fresh air.
All the best
I sell a meal replacement called Lean 1. I have lost a 12 pounds since Xmas and is the easiest thing \i have ever done. Some days I replaced a meal some days I just snacked on it. i still do and am having no problems maintaining my new weight. It has 14 organic fruits and vegerables in it yes is only 200 calories. Ith as hoodia in it to suppress hunger along with plant sterols and Omega 3's. It also tastes wonderful, especially if you like chocolate.


Hi Anita
it's really difficult to give you a proper advice that would be heloful without seeing your food diary and discussing several factors, both healh and lifestyle that may prevent you from achieving your goal. I do work with people wanting to lose weight and would be happy to book you in for a consultation. Distance isn't a problem, by the way. If this is something you think you might be interested in, do get in touch.