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Good evening!
I am interested in cellulite treatment. Used to go to really great master back home (Latvia) and my legs looked smooth, now in UK, had year of junk food, using hormonal contraception and cellulite is BAD. Struggling to find good massage therapist here, most advertise it as "anti cellulite" but do not use any techniques different from other massages. How to recognize a masseur who knows how to do proper anti cellulite massage and body sculpting with the magic of their hands?
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Hi Natalia
I use a combination of deep tissue to break down the fatty deposits first then lymphatic drainage to move the "toxins" away from the targeted areas. In combination with diet and exercise my clients have been very happy with the results, usually by measuring the areas being treated you could lose 1 cm per session but it depends on the skin elasticity.
You could try different approaches: seaweed wraps combined with salt scrubs then deep tissue but you must be very disciplined and not expect immediate results.
Any changes we make in our diet and exercise regimes will show on our bodies in 6-8 weeks and the same applies to massage.
Take care
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In conjunction with the anti cellulite massage, you might want to try some other methods to reduce cellulite. There are many creams and lotions that claim to cure the problem, and many spas offer cellulite reduction treatments. Also critical to reducing this form of fat is to make sure you're eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water. Diet alone will not cure your condition, but it can help to improve the appearance of cellulite.
Exercise is also a key component of a cellulite fighting program. You'll want to do regular cardiovascular exercise that uses the leg muscles extensively. There are also a number of exercises that are specifically targeted to firming and toning the areas that cellulite tends to gather in, such as the butt and thighs.
We are doing Anti Cellulite Massage in our Salon
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In the article Anti-cellulite Massage at Home describes a very good massage techniques that you can do at home.
At Princess Soraya Salon, we have introduced the Most Result Driven treatment
for Cellulite, Results are visible after a course of treatments. The number of treatments,depends on the client situation and how bad the cellulite is.
Using Dexsil Bio activated Silicium liquid in IonoCinesis machine.
Each time the client, finishes the treatment, they see the toxins that come out and client
feels lighter, calmer and their digestion started working better.
This treatment pushes the Silicium liquid into the digestive system and balances any digestion, constipation, acidity, pain in the body.
How Does Ionocinesis Work?
This gentle treatment consists of applying 2 small electrodes, which are then connected to a special electrical generator. The generator produces low intensity ( non-toxic) regulated electric fields in combination with Bio Activated Organic Silicium as a conducting solution. The body becomes a conductor of the electrical current; a movement of ions is then activated by this current. Positive or negative ions can be removed or introduced in the body, and each organ can be deeply and directly stimulated to detoxify.
You lie down and relax during the application, which generally lasts only 30 to 60 minutes. A slight sensation may be noticed but it is not painful. The toxins eliminated can be seen when the application ends, and there is a general feeling of well being afterwards.
These toxins are trapped between fat and are Cellulite. They are also called
Orange Peel.
This treatment is used by spas in Belgium, France, Canada and some Arab countries.
Princess Soraya Salon, is the only salon in UK to use this treatment for Cellulite
reduction, Detoxing the Liver, kidney, Pancreas.
Princess Soraya Salon
38 Rosemont Road,
London NW3 6NE
M; 07802 783 462
I a not a massage therapist, I do treat cellulite but with derma rollers.
I think what you need is a lymphatic drainage massage person
Hope this helps
hi, Natalja, one of the most effective non-invasive cellulite treatments available today is Lipomassage by Endermologie - there is no way that one can achieve the same results with a manual massage. We have really experienced cosmetologists (including one from where you are from) who would be able to give you a qualified consultation and treatment plan and to explain why this technology is so effective. Please, do not hesitate to give us a call onto 02072835800. We are based in central London. Our website also contains lots of useful information and photos on the subject.


Thank you for info. How is this procedure affecting spider veins? One moment I was doing silicone cup massage myself (like vacuum) and as result have little purple veins became visible on my tights :( I know honey massage is not recommended for such a problem, how about Endormologie? Won't it traumatise week veins more?