Has anyone had a Cooltech fat freezing session? I'd love a recommendation!

It looks amazing so I'd love to know if it has worked for anyone that has tried it and if anyone can recommend a therapist? Thank you!
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i ve had my gf cryo lipolysis done,first I visited AESTHETICS OF LONDON CITY branch and then the stratford branch and had many questions in mind but it seems like the staff working there just been paid to say what the boses told them and not a word more and not enuf information and just doing their 9-5 job if u want buy or next customer plz and was expensive for my pocket to be true with u ,,then I saw another add of STRATFORD SALON doing cryo lipolysis I thought its another branch of AESTHTICS OF LONDON but its not I called but they for some reason couldn't attend the call so I left a voice mail and after 5-to min they called back I went there for a free consultation I was proper explained with videos and pics and the NURSE was extremely helpful and jolly and very easy to talk to and its cheaper then the other in market and they know how to deal with humans not customers I hope u can understand what I mean by humans ,,so im happy my gf happy so no wrong if for ur satisfaction u go for a free consultation and if ur rich and can pay £10000 for spending then go to others as the next customr ,,,,


Thanks Johny85. Were you happy with the results of the treatment? I will look at Aestetics of London. I have also been recommended Riverbanks Clinic so will try there aswell. I'd love to know if you liked the results?
Yes i saw the results after four weeks i had my arms done at stratford salon! Would recomend it hope this helps
After doing lots of research I have decided to book in at Riverbanks Clinic. It's £800 for 1 treatment and they use two paddles instead of 1 which most other clinics use so I can target a bigger area. They have been appointed no. 1 reference site for Cooltech in the UK as decided by Cooltech so they must be good!
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With Fat Freezing, you get what you pay for. There are a very small number of brands of Fat Freezing that have clinically proven results. One of them, is CoolTech made by Cocoon Medical in Spain. Please do your research as to which brand of Fat Freezing your practitioner uses and if the corporation who made the technology have conducted medical clinical studies. By offering just "Fat Freezing" or "Cryolipolysis" without the support and backing of a reputable organisation, there is no evidence supporting its efficacy or even safety. Should something go wrong, no organization can be held accountable. Secondly, ensure your practitioner has malpractice insurance. If you'd like to have a free CoolTech consultation, please email us at info@marlow.clinic
Hi, i had the fat freezing done at richmond salon called blushious london just next to kew gardens station at the end of Jan this year and have had really good results! their prices are also much lower then on harley street. here is the link
hope i could help :)
Hi yes i had the fat freezing done at stratford salon and have had really good results!hope thats helpful