What is the best way to reduce the look of cellulite on my derriere?

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Hi Isabelle dry body brushing daily before you shower will visibly improve signs of cellulite, as well as drinking plenty of water and green tea each day.
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Bioslimming by Provence Cosmetics reduces the appearance of cellulite by up to 47% following the first treatment. During trials it was seen to reduce the appearance of cellulite up to 67% in 4 weeks with regular treatments. Bioslimming is available as a salon treatment or as a homecare product. The salon treatment gives the quickest results. The treatment also helps remove stubborn fat deposits and causes Lipolysis (fat burning) under the skin, due to the concentrated active ingredients. On average a loss of 1-4cm can be seen per measured area, over 8 areas this can be anything from 8 - 32cm in total.
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I offer Natural Clay Cellulite Body Wrap treatments, with body brushing, manual lymphatic drainage and deep, stimulating massage using specific cellulite treatment oils that are blended with essential oils and homeopathic remedies. I also offer lifestyle advice to suit you and methods you can try at home to improve the condition. Clients see really good results with these treatments and they are non-invasive. The best thing for you to do at home in the meantime is lots of dry body brushing, focussing on your problem areas! This really is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to improve the appearance of cellulite. Good luck!
Hi Isabelle, how's your US trip going so far? I don't believe you have cellulite!!! My clients are getting good results with deep tissue massage: using friction and deep pressure the stubborn fat deposits are broken down for easier elimination. I usually measure my clients before and after and just the sustained application of pressure gives a 0.5-1cm reduction.
Two treatments worth looking at are
1. Lipolysis (an injectable treatment that dissolves fat and improves cellulite)
Further information and certified injectors can be found on the network-lipoysis websites (details attached)
2. Medical Micro-Needling (commonly called dermal rollers)
we run hypoxi therapy which is very effective with cellulite reduction and inch loss around the waist bum and thighs. its just a 30 minute session and quite cheap. why dont you give us a call and we will give you a free trial and see if you like it :) http://www.vacuslimclub.com
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