Can men get cellulite?

You always hear about women getting cellulite, but should men worry about it as well?
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Cellulite is the major problem for both women and men.Overall it most often affect women but men can suffer too.In order to avoid it i can hardly recommend a healthy diet.You should drink plenty of water,eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and please do not smoke .
My anti-cellulite program include a lymphatic drainage masage for women and deep tissue or sports massage for men.
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For cellulite to occur you need excess calorie balance, inactivity and estrogen.
Men have lower amounts of estrogen in their body than women, so they don't get cellulite normally. Testosterone itself protects mens' bodies from the development of cellulite.
With age, many mens' bodies convert testosterone to estrogen, especially if they are overweight too, and this can lead to cellulite formation. Inactivity makes this process more pronounced. Furthermore, beer contains estrogenic substances which can also contribute to this phenomenon in men.
The above are also the causes of moobs, i.e. "man boobs" that older or more overweight men have.