Is the massage suitable for pregnant women?

Hello, I saw the offer of 50% off at the Chelsea salon on the Travelzoo website but was wondering if the massage in question is suitable for women who are pregnant? Thanks!
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Pregnancy massage is great when its offered by someone who has had extensive trainnig and qualification in just that! The main thing here is to make sure they are properly qualified and understand the changes and needs of ones body during pregnancy.

I would highly recommend reading Gowri Motha's book 'A gentler birth' which incudes tips on massage adn teh best types at thaat time. She is a leading birth specialist in London and I have received her patients at a pilates studio many years ago and they all did very well on her plans! She can recommend the best people, practitioners and how to find them.

A doula is good if you can find one! (birth companion) see or try a massage with our Ayurveda Consultant, and Massuese of over 30 years who has extensive qualification and experience in Pregnancy massage. You can visit her at her spa in Suffolk, or book a day with her in London. See
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In general, massage should be avoided during the first 3 months of pregnancy, after that there shouldn't be any problems. Indian head massage can be carried out with the client sitting in a chair so there should be no complications there (with regards to being uncomfortable) and in Swedish Massage you could simply alter your position, eg lie and your side and/ or use extra cushions for comfort. With regards to the pre and post natal Massage- this speaks for itself xx
Glow offers a range of Mama Mio Spa treatments designed specifically for pregnant women. Designed to relax, soothe and alleviate some of the common discomforts of pregnancy these treatments are totally safe and very effective.
Massage is suitable after the first trimester , certain Acupuncture points should be avoided but generally massage is good to help relax the body when its changing its shape. Certain therapists specialise in this kind of treatment. Go to someone you can trust to look after you and your baby.
As a qualified midwife and therapist, I can tell you that massage is perfectly safe, and very therapeutic for women with normal, uncomplicated pregnancies after the first trimester. Most therapists would be foolish to offer pre/postnatal massage unless they have undertaken further training in the speciality, and any reputable massage school would insist that therapists have qualifications in massage and A&P prior to enroling in a pregnancy massage course.
Massage after the first trimester is safe and of therapeutic value - in the "right hands". Most therapists do not offer pre or post-natal massage unless they have training in this speciality - and most reputable schools would insist on appropriate massage and A&P qualifications as a pre-requisite for the advanced training. As a qualified Midwife and Therapist, I can recommend pregnancy massage - while you still have the chance for some "me time"!
Massage is certainly good. So is exercise to build strength to alleviate from my back pains that women suffer from during various stages of pregnancy.
Other than that I think it has been very well explained by other people on this forum. Experience is a big issue. In spas in general the massage therapist are generally those that have just qualified from colleges and are on minimum wage so they do a) lack experience and b) for lack of a better word CARE.
So choose your therapist carefully.
I can't answer on behalf of the Chelsea salon, but it is recommended that in the first trimester that massage should be avoided as it is in this gestation period that miscarriages may occur. Most therapists are divided on this issue, where some still will treat (if you have had a fit bill of health and no previous pregnancy problems). If you are in your second of third timester massage should only be carried out by a therapist qualified in pregnancy massage, as factors such as postioning, different massage stroke techiques and so forth are required. I hope that was of some help :)
Many women experience backache and insomnia during different stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is great for relieving muscle tension as well as aches and pains. Lymph drainage helps to clear swelling in the hands and feet and both anxiety and blood pressure can be reduced.
It can also help with:
Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints.
Improves outcome of labor and eases labor pain.
Enhances the pliability of skin and underlying tissues.
Provides support for the new mother with physical and emotional strains of mothering.
So is Massage good for pregnant women YES go for it!
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