I'm not able to exercise much due to health, but I defo need to lose weight - how does this work?

How does fat get removed and from where? And how much is it? I would like to lose a couple of inches from my bottom, thighs, arms and stomach. How do you do it and will weight stay off?
Asked by kaz67

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The fat is removed due to the fact that a low level laser applied in the fat layer brings about a change in the biochemistry of the body leading the stimulation of an enzyme called lipase! This enzyme breaks down triglycerides to fatty acids and glycerol! These molecules are removed from fat cells through membrane channels and they are removed through the lymphatic system.
You can apply i lipo in several spots at the same moment though i'd rather spread out the procedure!
You just lose a few pounds of fat but the fat will come back if you don't have a healthy balanced diet and a high metabolism!
As for the cost, it depends on many factors like the demand on the doctor's service, which area will be treated etc!
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To be honest if you want to lose and keep it off you need to look at your diet. Also look into something called BioSignature which will look into your hormones telling you which foods to cut out and which to eat more of and that will help you to lose fat off certain areas.
Hope that helped.
I suggest you have a body wrap, limphatic drainage, laser lipo, I offers to my clients a package of 10 treatments to get good results.
Limphatic drainage helps flush away the fat and toxins, body wrap help loose inches, laser lipo helps melt the fat away, also to help you get better results you must drink 2 litres of water p/day, cut down foods rich in fat and sugar.


Lirio, i am researching the best spot reduction, at the moment, they all appear to be costly. and i am concerned that it may be a gimmick and a waste of money. I exercise regularly, and only slightly over weight, can this really help me?