Should I drink water after a massage?

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It's not a question of should, many people don't. However, massage increases blood circulation and some forms of massage such as swedish (properly undertaken) also enhance lymphatic drainage allowing your body to expel accumulated toxins through waste products such as urination. By drinking a reasonable amount of water you will help the body to undertake this cleansing and you often this will show in clear skin and increased energy levels.
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As a licensed massage therapist in New MexicoI always recommend to my patients to drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine 24 hrs. after their massage. It's a common sense thing, but some people who are new to massage don't know this.
Drinking water after a massage treatment is a good idea, it helps to rehydrate the muscles and soft tissues that have just been worked, I always recommend drinking a few small glasses of water within the following hour and always offer my client a glass of water at the end of the treatment. We need to be adequately hydrated for proper cellular function to occur.
There is however no scientific evidence that (unspecified and un-named) toxins are released during a massage and therefore they don't need flushing out of your system with extra water. This is a massage myth perpetuated by many massage schools and courses but not backed up by any scientific evidence.
Definitely. A good therapist should always advise you to do this. Drinking water helps your body to flush out the waste products released from tense muscles during the massage. Manual manipulation of the soft tissues during massage pushes fluids from the tissues into the lymphatic system, these fluids need to be replaced or you will become dehydrated. Around 500ml after a 30 minute sports/deep tissue massage is a good start. A good indicator of bodily hydration is the colour of your urine - see post by John Perrott below.
The answer is yes, especially if you feel the need to go to the loo after massage. Many people over do it with water intake. There are two simple tests: Do you feel thirsty? Then you could rehydrate with 3 small glasses of water. Hot water is more easily assimilated than cold.
Look at the colour of your urine. If it is dark you need to drink more; if it is light and watery you are about right.
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Drinking a glass of water after a massage greatly benefits the treatment. Sometimes, clients can find after certain types of massage they can get a headache, due to the toxins being released? Water can minimise the chances of this happening and prevent use of painkillers.
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You should drink plenty water after your massage. Better if you don't drink alcohol and coffee that day. That way you will help your body to "flush out" the toxins and acid lactic that was removed during your treatment.
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Yes - drink lots of water to help remove toxins and waste materials from the body. hebals teas are also benefical. avoid alcohol and drinks with caffeine such as coffee as they will dehydrate the body and replace the toxins, massage aims to remove. Also try and relax and rest after a massage, eating only light meals.
yes, drinking water helps to remove waste products, you sometimes feel light headed after a massage and this helps you recover .