What are the regulations required for lymph drainage massage?

Also, what legal obligations are there?
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I'm a fully qualified complementary therapies working in Cardiff & Barry. I have done some work with lymph, drainage. When I massage my elderly client that has fluid retention,legs/arms. I have literally heard the fluid drain.
When I was in college my tutor asked if I could find what was wrong with a client from the effleurage. I did find it, it was the upper outer quadrants lymph.I didn't know it but it was another member of staff again I literally heard the fluid drain. My Wife had a heavy buildup of hard fluid on her Sacral lymph nodes, It has taken me more than 2 massages a week over 2 months to full break it down.Can anyone tell me why this is.. Many thanks Magic
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Osteopaths are also trained in lymphatic drainage to supplement soft-tissue manipulation in the treatment of certain conditions. This training is also given to osteopathic doctors (D.O) in the U.S and so is a widely used treatment. As lymphatic drainage massage does not currently have an accrediting body..why not google the current courses available and then contact the providers and investigate which one has the greatest knowledge, experience and recognition.
Limphatic drainage massage is a gentle touch light massage, you have to be qualified and a good massage therapist.
Limphatic drainage massage helps flush the toxins away, swollen, fat deposit, weight loss.
Limphatic drainage massage in uk, the insurance doesn't cover, people with cancer, because only a cancer cell can spread all limph nodes.
Limph nodes are glands flush all the waste away from our bodies, these limph need to be pressed very gently during of the massage.
Lymph nodes are an important component of the body's immune system and help in fighting infections.
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Hi, There are no "regulations" for practising lymphatic drainage, its simply a choice of if you would prefer to gain a qualification before practising. Lymphatic drainage is a little more specialist, the trick to it is learning about and understanding the lymph system and how it works, as is bones and muscles in other massage. Going for a qualification is a choice rather then a requirement. I have a few clients i practice lymphatic drainage on who have and still are seeing great benefits.
Hope that helps? as your question wasn't that clear.
Hi HollyMel. I'm not sure exactly what you mean. In order to practice as a Vodder Therapist you have to be trained by a Vodder approved Training Provider and then you have to go back for a Training Review day every 2 years to have your technique re-approved and correct any bad habits you might have developed! Obviously you would need the appropriate insurance as well. Hope that is helpful. You can find out more from http://www.mlduk.org.uk