Afro Hairdressing

Also known as:

Box Braids, Dreadlocks, Natural Hairdressing

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Big is beautiful, right? Not always, if your hair’s not in the right hands. All curly girls know the importance of finding a salon that has Afro hair sussed out – here’s how to get a hold on your style.

What you can expect?

Ready to relax? It’ll all start with a strand test to test the strength of your hair which will decide which type of relaxer is best for you. Your stylist will then begin to divide your hair, before applying a few coats of relaxer formula to each section. A good old rinse, shampoo and some all-important deep conditioning later, and you’ll be sat under a hair dryer for around an hour – prime magazine and gossip time. The process will finish with your barnet being blow-dried straight for super-smooth results.

Know before you go

  • Keep your hair in tip-top condition before and after your appointment by saying no to shampoos loaded with sulfates. These remove the hair’s natural oils, creating for a desperately dry situation.
  • It’s also important to step away from the hairdryer, as regular heat frazzles the hair into a frenzy, leading to some seriously sorry snapping.
  • How often you repeat the relaxing treatment depends on the length of your hair – shorter styles may need one every eight weeks, whereas longer lengths can probably get away with a smooth move every 3-4 months.

The sciencey stuff

Here are the hair-raising facts: while the composition of Afro hair is identical to its Caucasian and Asians compadres, it differs in elasticity, making the hair more prone to breakage. That, combined with curly hair having less moisture as its shape stops oils travelling all the way down the hair shaft, can lead to dreaded damage. And there you have the importance of professionals understanding the art of Afro hair.

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