What is the best option for bitten nails? I hate the feeling of acrylics. Ta!

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I think it is best to start with a manicure, this will takle your cuticles which are not usually great on nail bitters. One of my clients who is an on/off nail bitter gets on really well once I have applied OPI axxium gel lacquer, within just 2 weeks you would expect to see considerable nail growth, and it just feels like polish.
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You could try regular manicures and always have your nails painted that way you will start to be so proud when you go between treatments that you haven't bitten them it may help you stop.
When they get a little bit longer you could have silk wrap overlays to give them some strength
The best option to treat your nails with regular manicure treatment specifically designed for nail biters to finish your manicure with either gel coulors or shellac polish to ensure a longer lasting manicure.
Manicures will help and using Nail Tiques will help them grow stronger so you will be less likely to bite. see http://www.nailrecovery.co.uk for Nail Tique products.
I would always suggest a manicure, with lots of organic cuticle oil. We find that the majority of nail biters come to us to regain pride in their own nails, and by spending time and money on them the last thing trhey want to do when they go home is bite them again! I'm sure there are products (gels etc) out there that are less damaging to the natural nail than acrylics and the like, but in my experience ANY unnatural layer that smothers the nail bed WILL cause some damage to the nail and prevent it from growing to its full potential. Hope that helps :-)
I use Gelac and love it, no damage to the natural nails at all. Nails are stronger and look stunning. Helps prevent biting as the texture is completely different to normal nails it is glossy and sleek prompting a conscious reaction whenever you are tempted to bite x
I am a nail bitter tut tut but now I have managed to grow them, I put decals on them when I put my fingers to my mouth I was aware streight away they felt differnt I never bit them my nails have managed to grow strong and longer :-)
Any of the gel polishes would be good, or soak off gels. As long as they are put on correctly and removed correctly there is no damage to the natural nail. They can also help to encourage the nails to grow. Weekly normal varnish manicures can work for some people as they are less likely to bite and pick at something that costs money, and over a few weeks a real difference can be seen in the appearance of the nails. x
I was also just about to suggest shellac. :) Fab new product as long as you care for it properly but doesn't damage nails either.


I have been told that Shellac is damaging to the nail as it dries it out. Is this information incorrect? Thanks
Shellac doesn't dry the nails out but you MUST apply solar oil to keep the nails hydrated - this applies to any finish on your nails and even if they are bare - water strips our nails of the oils they need to keep them hydrated, solar oil keeps them hydrated and in good condition. Shellac is a wonderful product - even my gel clients are switching to it. Shellac is NOT a soak-off gel - it is the only hybrid gel and polish. There is NO buffing to the natural nail surface at all.
So how are you meant to remove shellac?
A lot of my ladies have come to me from having shellac with weak and flaky nails stating that their technician buffed the nail considerably before application. This damage can take 6 months to grow out if the whole nail bed is buffed.
I have also always found shellac or comparable products a nightmare to remove and requires A LOT of scraping of the nail after it has been softened by soaking it with acetone.
I just think its a shame if your ladies are growing their nails to use a product that damages the nail and makes them unsightly without the product on.
I personally use Shellac on my nail biting clients and a bright colour helps too as it makes the biting more obvious if you do it and hopefully puts you off biting any more.
Shellac is thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural, it provides strong natural nail protection with a resilient mirror finish that resists dullness and chipping. The good news is that there is NO BUFFING so there is absolutely no damage to the natural nail in the process of application or removal. The patent-pending formulation of solvents, monomers and polymers is why Shellac goes on like polish, wears like gel and removes in minutes.  Plus its hypo-allergenic and contains no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. My ladies go from short & stumpy to strong & healthy nails in as little as 8 weeks (3 applications) x
You could try Artistic Nail Colour. If the therapist uses Builder Gel this strengthens your own nails.