What can I do for a nail with a split going from cuticle to tip?

One of my nails has a split in it, barely visible, from cuticle to tip. When it grows out, it grows split at the tip and so I can't have it longer than just above the nail bed top as it catches. Can I fix/repair/change the growth of this nail so it matches the rest?!
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unfortunately it sounds like you have a damaged nail/nail bed so its unlikely it will go away, you could try gel nails as this will strenghten the nail, allowing it to grow longer but still looking natural. I hope this helps


This is a much better response than the one above. The chances are that nothing you do will repair the damage as it sounds like your matrix is damaged which is a perm thing. However like this poster suggested Gelish or Shellac will seal the split allowing you to have long nails without catching.
I am referring to Bedazzled comments in the first sentence.
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Hi my nail just split recently, I have put some gel nail polish on mine hoping this will give it some strength and I have cut my nail down very short so that it doesn't catch and go deeper 😊
I had this problem (split from cuticle to tip and actually growing in a curve) since I was a teenager and I'm 60 now. About 5 years ago I had acrylic nails for a long time until advised to have a rest, although it did damage my nails, I noticed when they were removed the slit had fused together.
I decided to just have the one nail (which was the thumb) done regularly for about a year.
The split has gone! I no longer have to worry about this nail at all.
It used to catch on everything and I couldn't wear wool jumpers or anything fine because when anything caught in the split it ripped off the nail deep into the bed.
Try it, it may be a solution.
Good luck


Had the same problem with my thumb. I have recently had acrylic nail on the thumb only and at the moment my nails are looking the best they have for 43 years.
All of the above have provided some interesting reading, This split has only just appeared in one nail, my index finger. I have no visible damage to nail bed but my index finger has some arthritis in the knuckle. I have tried vitamin supplements as I do not drink much milk.
I live in Cornwall and I do use cuticle oil on a reg basis but not twice a day. I do have my nails done regular.
How long have you had the split nail?
Shellac is not designed as a strengthening product - Shellac is stronger than normal/standard polish but it's not deisigned to hold splits together. You need to be looking at a product that adds strength to your nails. I have heard of people having fibreglass used but I personally don't use fibreglass as I am not trained in it as it's quite an old fashioned method, so what I use is liquid and powder acrylic. I would recommend a thin, clear natural nail overlay. It will mean the split is covered and there is no chance of it catching. I would also recommend keeping the length as short as you can and regularly getting professional manicures to ensure the length is filed down correctly. Rubbing this way and that way with any old nail file can cause damage to healthy nails, so imagine the damage you could cause to damaged/split nails.
There is absolutely no reason why you can't just get the one nail strengthened and then have Shellac, gel polish or even standard polish applied to your nails. If you make sure you are using a non acetone polish remover your over lay will be asolutely fine and you can change the colour as much as you like!
Don't forget though you will need to go back to the salon regularly to get your natural nail overlay infilled.
Hello There,
& sorry my answer comes to you so late...
Its quite simple really, keep your nails as short as possible & have regular professional manicures.
It will take some time, possibly 6months - 1year, but it can grow back healthily, without the split.
Its a good idea to purchase a good cuticle oil such as Solar oil & massage this into the cuticle to stimulate cell regeneration & circulation which will aid the healing of the nail. Your manicure therapist can advise you on a good cuticle oil.
Hope this helps & good luck.
It will really depend on if this damage is right down to the cuticle, you can try a silk patch, these are designed for nasty nail breakages, it is like a silk patch plaster you glue over the break and it holds it together encouraging the nail to grow straight, the effectiveness of this will really depend on the extent of the damage.There is full instructions on how to use the silk patch on my website for you. Its worth a try, its not complicated, you can get all the equipment you need from chemists and you can paint over the patch easily to disguise the split. It may serve as a mask for the damage if not a fix .....
If you click on my website link below it will give you full instructions
I hope you find this helpful
Hi, yes im affraid uve damaged ur nail for life! Uve prob banged it or something without knowing and mayb damaged ur cuticle area. U will always have a split grow thru ur nail. I have the same on one of my thumbs. I specialise in bio sculpture gel and do my own,ud never know ive got a damaged thumb nail.
Unfortunately u cant repair the nail.......:0( but u can make them look fantastic with bio sculpture. Thats wot i recommend to....good luck and hth! :0)
I have a customer with the same problem we overlayed with Biosculpture gel so enabling the nail to grow longer attach again. Hope that helps Jo
Hi Cathrino, it is very common to have your nails split once in a while, i think you are doing the right thing to keep it short as it will catches anything, you can repair it by using fibreglass, but usually you have to go to the salon to have it done, or you can do a search on the net to find your nearest salon does repair with fibreglass for you or you can have some kind of gel overlay. hope it help.
Hi unfortunately it sounds like you have damaged your nail alot of people have this due to a bang or your finger being jammed in a door etc other can have this from birth and it be heridirty. If this is a recent thing I would recommend buying some cuticle oil rub it in in the morning and evening to put moisture back it to your nail. Also if your hand are in alot of water I would wear gloves and also cover your nail in vaseline and leave it over night. All these techniques will keep your nail soft and help it from splitting as it grows.
Hope this helps let me know.
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Have you tried having a fiberglass enhancement on that nail, It should keep it strong and cover the split. I have heard good things about Solar Oil as a cuticle/ nail treatment with nail splits finally growing out. See if there are any nail technicians or nail bars locally to you who sell CND retail products. If there are you can pop in and buy a little bottle. It has to be used religiously, at least twice a day. Also you could have bio sculpture or Shelac applied for a semi permanent manicure giving your natural nail a chance to grow out whilst the oil is doing it's job, HTH