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Question: Does anyone have an opinion on which is better: Gelish or CND shellac?

Asked by Danii000

16 answers

I use CND at the moment but I'm not sure it's the best. Any advice?

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I wouldn't say that one is better than the other, only that each product will suit different customers, wether that is nail type, price, wear time, service time or cost. In my opinion, both are brilliant products.

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Why dont you think its the best? I stock both shellac (all colours) and gelish (about 17 colours) aswell as another brand (about 6 colours) simply to give my clients more choice. I have worn all 3 and didnt see any much difference in wear to be honest, although gelish and the gel polish i stock are supposed to be harder wearing than shellac. Clients ask me for shellac by name, i have never had a client ask for gelish (or any other brand!) by name.

Not aimed at o/p: As far as using fake products such as blue sky never ever ever would i use anything like that on my clients! Never. your clients are so important, they pay your wages dont they deserve to experience the best service carried out using safe products? for the sake of saving a few pounds you are putting your clients health at risk! the very people who are good enough to pay your bills for you and you are just giving a big eff you to them and fobbing them off with any old rubbish? thats horrendous. My clients are worth far more than cheap imitations and so is my business. x

Sources: I own Prestige Nails and Beauty which is a modern unisex salon based within the therapy solutions building on atherton st in prescot (liverpool). x


Well Shellac and Gelish are hybrids of gel+polish. So Gelish has more gel in it and Shellac more polish. Obviously Gelish lasts longer...


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is this why gelish takes longer to soak off.......


is this why gelish takes longer to soak off.......


people seem to be using a cheap one now called blue sky which is a copy of shellac and does exactly the same job but costs £3 a bottle. You can get it on ebay.

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Yes thanks but what's in this product?!! I like the fact it's cheap but can it be trusted? That's why I used CND but not great selection of colours :-(


Of course it cannot be trusted! It could be anything! You will never find a data sheet for it and so should your clients have a reaction you will be in massive bother! I use both Shellac and Gelish. I love the longevity of both, Gelish I find thicker and so great for people who are heavy handed and shellac perfect for client with lovely nails who want their polish to last. I had a client who had Shellac on for 5 weeks! wonderful stuff :


I have not used Shellac much before so can't do a direct comparison but over the last 6 months Gelish has proved to be very popular with my customers.

Sources: my own experience


Hi I use Artistic Colour Gloss, my clients love it. They are all very similar products, and last well. I decided to go with Artistic as I liked the colour range and was very happy with the customer service.


I use shellac in my salon. the results are amazing, I have heard that there can be an issue with other types with shrinkage when the colour is cured... all I can say is there appears to be no shrinkage with shellac and it lasts for a very long time, longer than two weeks if you look after it.


use Gelish and find it very thick. I like the colours but not the base and top


I think gelish is more stronger


I use Gellux in my studio, Have not tried the two you mention, but I am sure they are very much of a muchness, just different branding! hope this helps



I have used both brands and think they are equally good products. But I use IBD just gel polish as it has a great colour range. I would not suggest you buy an unknown and/or cheaper brand as you have no idea what is in it





I use Gelish because they have the biggest selection of colours and they are very strong.....
as they have more gel in them than shellac..................



I would say shellac CND hands down. I have used it for one year and a half. I made the mistake of once getting gellish and it stained my nails and came off faster.


Hi, I use OPI as my clients seem to prefer OPI as it they find the results to be better than gelish and shellac.

I am a mobile beauty therapist and cover many areas such as London, Kent, Essex, Surrey & more


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