Ladys how do you cope with having long natural nails?

Asked by stormerian21

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I always say to file the nail rather than cut it, have regular manicures and use a cuticle oil and hand cream twice a day. I like Orly and CND products. Also if you like your manicure to last but it always chips you could try a polish gel hybrid such as Shellac or Gelish which looks like a polish but lasts 14-21 days with no chips, I have this always on my natural nails and it doesn't damage them as long as you are using you cuticle oil twice a day every day. Make sure that you have you cuticles tidy as if they get to overgrown they can lead to painful hangnails.
Other than that to ensure they don't break I would use gloves when doing any sort of housework such as washing up or cleaning down the sides, strangely cillit bang seems to be a problem for me so I avoid that as it seems to strip off any nail product I have on. Try and use the pads of you fingers rather than you nails to type, pull up zips and use a spoon to open ring pull cans. Hope this helps x


cheers hun great help
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I love OPI nail envy to strengthan and regular manicures.


OPI is top glass, is nail file or nail clipper better?
By keeping nails nourished using nail and cuticle oils. Regular manicures and using the correct nail treatments for your type of nail which can be advised by a manicurist. For more information visit my website Thank you. Naomi