Any advice for treatment/products for ridged and slightly discoloured nails?

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Discoloration- there are nail brightening treatments ie liquids for soaking nails you can get from high street pharmacies or via professional nail techs. I would recommend Nail Brite Whitening Scrub from CND. Also, with slight discoloration a gentle buffing/ shining block would bring immediate results.
Ridges- if ridges are vertical, it can be a medical issue (hormonal causes, normally affecting the elderly) or a simple matter of drill ledges due to acrylic infills/ removal of enhancements. Length-way ridges might be hormonal, too- after menopause this condition is quite common. As long as there is no severe medical condition (diabetes, heart disiease etc), gentle buffing helps, followed by application of a Ridge Filler base coat or a soak-off, non-infillable gel eg Shellac.
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For the discoloration try something like Steradent and soak your nails. Use a tooth brush and whitening tooth paste to clean your nails daily. If you have the funds there are many preparatory products out there, ask your manicurist/nail tech. A good manicure will instantly brighten your nails. The ridges could involve several factors, so go along to your manicurist or nail tech. If you don't gave one any reputable manicurist/nail tech will offer advice. Ridges can be medical, age related and one of the most common habit tic. Habit Tic is where someone pick, push, cut, flick against the cuticle on a regular basis either consciously or subconsciously. If the ridges are minor you can use a buffer which will help but don't over do it as over buffing can cause problems.
you can use a buffing block to smooth the ridges off, try one in 3 steps, continue with a nail brightening treatment, I recommend you Scholl ( you can find in in Boots) is a sort of pen, very easy to use. Or you can visit a salon and you can have it professionally done.
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They're are many causes. The most common causes of ridges in the nails is malnutrition of deficiencies in the body , also lacking in essential vitamins or suffering illness can also be causes. This is due to body the body production of the materials being interrupted, for this reason they are more commonly seen in elderly people. supplements can help with this problem, and also great for hair. Treatment wise regularly manicures can also help to stimulate healthy growth of the nails and before applying polish we would use ridge filler to smooth the appearance of the polish. I would suggest you avoid false nails acrylics or gel based solutions as they are not good for the natural nails.
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