Callus Peel

Also known as:

Foot Peel, Foot Scrub

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Become well-heeled in minutes. Calluses are the pesky, hard skin that forms on the heels – and as anyone who has experienced them knows, they can be notoriously difficult to shift. But panic not, sling backs and mules aren’t off the menu forever – visit a salon offering the Callus Peel treatment and you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward in no time. Now that’s a good excuse to go sandal shopping if we ever heard one...

How does it work?

Calluses form when skin dries out and the pressure of walking around a lot causes the skin to harden. A Callus Peel is a simple and pain-free treatment which removes the hard, dead skin and moisturises the foot to leave it looking and feeling super smooth. Sounds pretty good to us...

A 20 minute treatment, a Callus Peel is usually performed in four steps. First, a specially designed skin patch is applied to the heel and bottom of the foot to soften the skin. Then, a plastic scraper is used to peel off the callus. This may sound a little alarming, but don’t worry – the sensation is said to be a soothing one, with some people even comparing the experience to reflexology.

After the callus has been removed, the remaining, healthy skin is polished and then moisturised with cream to nourish and hydrate. Following that, you’re free to go – and we reckon you’ll leave with a bit of a spring in your step.

Is it for me?

If the thought of ditching your trainers or boots for a more summery style leaves you panicking, it might be time to show your tired heels a bit of TLC. Head to the salon for a quick Callus Peel and you’ll soon be ready to bare all (well, as far as your feet are concerned, anyway). Although Callus Peels can work wonders, they aren’t suitable for all dry heels. If your calluses are extremely thick or you are also suffering from corns, it’s probably best to see a podiatrist first.

Good to know

Some people compare the Callus Peel to peeling an orange – we’re not sure it’s the prettiest mental image, but it does go to show that it’s effective.

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