I have developed hard skin on my feet & cracked heels. Looking for advice to treat & prevent this?

During the past year or so I have developed the hard skin. Wax pedicures help but hard skin soon returns. I've also tried cream or olive oil with socks overnight but not found anything that works for any length of time. Any advice or names of particular creams etc. appreciated.
Have read about Fish Pedicures, should I give it a go?
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I would suggest that every time you have a shower or a bath you use a foot file straight away when the skin is soft. I use a ped egg and I fine it very good. The art of it all is to foot file them regularly and cream the area every night. hope this helps!


Thank you for your answer. I'm new to Wahanda & gave one response to both answers - will know for next time!
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I'm probably too late with my answer but have you ever tried an electric pedi? I'm so excited about the results. It's quick and it works.
Well I don't know you are from which country.. If you can find a cream called boroline.. May be in any indian store..it would be great... It's a big brand name safe and very effective... Try for 7 night with or without socks after washing feet with normal water and then apply.. Iam sure you will be very happy.. And it's very very easy on pocket .. Comes in dark green tub or tube .
Regular pedicures will help.
i have no ankle movement and no skin on my heel due to road accident with truck, a crush injury having grafted skin no hard skin on my heel. please help me
I know from personal use it is much easier to apply a cream that softens the hard skin instead of trying to remove it which is often better done by a specialist in case of an accident. I use the beeswax/oil salveation cream by mama nature on a daily basis that has been a good option for the tough skin around my heels. It really softens the skin nicely and has prevented the skin from hardening again. I read somewhere that the skin hardens because it is being thickened due to excessive rubbing.
best cure is = before going to bed put vasaline on you feet then wrap you'r feet in cling film do this 3-4 night in a row and your feet will be as soft as soft as a babys bum,do this every now and again and your feet will be fine ,
Hello Wendy,
Thanks for your question...
Recommended Professional Treatments
You may want to try the Nyame Dua Callus peel pedicure £32 which is like a chemical peel, but for the feet & should get rid of the presenting hard skin, depending on severity, in 1-3 treatments.
Hard Skin Prevention
In terms of prevention, its important to wear well fitted shoes as this can cause hard skin due to pressure applied to from the shoes to the feet.
In the summer months, if you wear open shoes often such as flip flops, they may not be giving the feet enough support in terms of cushioning & as such, you may be affected by hard skin on the feet.
2/3 times a week, it is important you exfoliate your feet at home, yourself, in between professional treatments. This can be best achieved using a good pumice stone from a good healthcare retailer. The ones you can pick up in cheaper stores are usually not real pumice stone, consisting of a manufactured element which does not give the same benefits.
You could also use a white block which should be used on the feet dry & cost approximately 35p.
After exfoliation using any of the methods above, & after your evening shower, cover the feet in Vaseline & put your socks on over night. In the morning, your feet will be baby soft.
In the summer months, our feet swell & we loose a lot of water, via the feet sweating.
To counter balance this dehydration, I'd advise you to maintain a good level of water intake - 2litres is the recommended daily amount in the Uk which could be increased depending on your height & weight & daily physical activities.
It is said, that a client suffering with permanent heel cracks, has a yellow tint to the skin of the feet area & very dry skin & hair could indicate a thyroid balance.
Hard skin over the heel area may also indicate problems around the pelvic or lower back areas.
Dry skin on the heels may be due to a lack of omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids.
Hi Wendy, I personally would recommend callus peel (it peels all your calluses away like orange and the treatment takes 20 minutes in all) You can have it as a standalone treatment or you can have it incorporated into a pedicure. "Feet makeover" (heel peel plus express pedicure) was my special offer last month and it was very popular and still is. This offer consist of taking all the caluses off and giving client an express pedicure (nail shape and file, cuticle work, CND polish of their choice and moisturise) all for £25----this treatment usually cost £35.
This is a miracle treatment as the result is instant before your very own eyes in just 20 minutes, you can have the feet you have always dreamed of.
All you need after that is moisturise with a callus cream every night wearing a cotton socks.
When im doing pedicures i use a product called Balsan, u soak a cotton pad press onto your hard skin and then cover your foot in cling fil,leave for 5mins and then use a foot file and you will see your hard skin fall off in balls. Its the best thing ov ever used.
The Gara Rafa fish feed off dead skin cells, they dont bite they wont hurt you in any way, the water is warm and comfortable your feet are cleaned before you enter the tank with the fish so not to harm them, its relaxing they tickle, find your local fish spa and give it a go, I recommend it.