my nails have been splitting a lot lately and I want to know what the best cure is?

I want to know if there is a really good supplement/ treatment to help with splitting nails and if having gel overlays will help
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I think you should take some mineral supplements. Either Colloidal minerals or a multi mineral tablet. Ideally I would recommend seeing a Kinesiologist who can test you, but if you cant do that and if you decide to buy some, let me know and I can discuss doseage with you.
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OPI Nail Envy works wonders.
hi some of my nails have started to become bumpy and look awful why is this happening? they are also extemely brittle. Thanks in advance
Kerrys asked:
My nails have been splitting a lot lately and I want to know what the best cure is?
I want to know if there is a really good supplement/ treatment to help with splitting nails and if having gel overlays will help?
I want to know if there is a really good supplement/treatment to help with splitting nails and if having gel overlays will help.
Hello Kerrys,
Splitting nails can be caused by a number of factor’s, however the most common causes are excessive housework or lack of good nutrition.
Split nails is a condition affecting the nails of the hands & feet where they become weak, fragile & split or peel off vertically.
- Age
- Lack of calcium
- Over exposure to harsh chemicals – even nail polish remover can become harmful if over used, detergents etc
- Lack of good nutrition.


- Nutrition
Your diet should include calcium & other important vitamins & minerals. This will encourage your nails to grow stronger & healthier. Nyame Dua has a simple vitamin/mineral deficiency checker we can mail over to you, just drop us an email.
My research has indicated that main remedy for your nail condition is to add more nutrients to your diet. Nutrients your diet should be high in are Biotin, from the Vitamin B group. Foods from this group are: Peanuts, lentils, egg yolks, sardines, mushrooms, bananas, liver, & cauliflower.
You doctor can also prescribe biotin supplements to promote growth of nails.
- Professional Treatment
I’d also suggest you have regular manicure treatments which will maintain the health & appearance of the skin & nails every 7 – 10 days or as often as your budget will stretch.
The therapist delivering your treatment will give you a thorough consultation to devise a treatment plan to resolve your presenting condition & identify whether your nails are splitting due to being weak, dry, or brittle.
Improves the appearance of the hands & nails;
Improves the condition of the skin & nails;
Helps resolve non medical conditions of the hands & nails when a treatment plan is devised & delivered;
Stimulates blood circulation, bringing fresh oxygen & nutrients to the hands & nails, nourishing the area & removing cellular waste;
Helps slow down the aging process on the hands;
Appropriate homecare advice is given.
- Home Care
Buy a good cuticle oil & massage this into the cuticle every 2/3 days, this will nourish the skin around the area & nails;
Wear protective gloves when washing up;
Wear protective gloves when gardening or doing housework;
The nails are also 10x more permeable to water than the skin is - do not expose them excessively to water;
Dry the hands thoroughly after washing;
Apply hand cream regularly to moisturise the skin of the hands & nails, this reduces the drying out effect on the nails & stops them chipping – Use whenever your hands feel dry, you’ve been for a swim, after a bath, after washing your hands, clothes or dishes etc;
Avoid harsh, drying soaps;
Do not use the fingernails as tools, this causes the nails to weaken, split & break;
Using the correct homecare products is important as if you use the wrong product i.e strengthener on already strong nails, your nails will break easily as they will become over/too hard.
Natural Remedies:
A natural remedy for resolving your symptoms & strengthening brittle & rough nails is applying vegetable oil to the nails 2/3 times a week. Apply the vegetable oil with a cotton swab & wipe it over the nails, this will moisturize the nails & keep them healthy.
Clarified butter (Ghee) is also a good natural remedy on your nails to make them flexible & strong. Clarified butter helps strengthen weak/brittle nails & also promotes growth.
- Products
Your manicurist should recommend a range of homecare products to use, which will help alleviate your presenting symptoms. These maybe from the range they used on your nails & may retail within the salon or she may give you a few over the counter treatments to try.
OPI & China Glaze have produced a range of nail treatments & base coats to be used every 2/3 days & can be bought at any good health & beauty shop. Again, know your nail condition type – are they splitting because they are weak, dry, or brittle.
Sally Hansen also does a fantastic range of nail treatments which are available from Boots & Superdrugs.
Intense oil/paraffin manicures would be very beneficial & having regular manicures, also use oil on your cuticles, you can work from the inside out like you thought would help by taking supplements, your nails are dry, overlays are good as they do cover up the problem but it's still there.
Hi Kerry
Use of Solar Oil from CND daily will help with the splitting. Warming some oil in a bowl with a bowl of hot water beneath and soaking your fingers in the oil for 5-10 minutes and using a nail strengthener will also help.
Thanks for your question.


Thanks Sarah and everyone else who suggested Solar Oil. I have now bought some and will start using it tonight. :-)
Definately try a skin, hair and nail supplement. I like Solgar or Perfectil skin, hair and nails. Also when I was a therapist, I use to get all my clients to use a strengthener like Nail Tech. This use to really work as you put a coat on every single day then on the 7th day you remove it all and start again. I saw some great results with this.
Also a trim with nail clippers (not just nail file) also helps when done regularly. Even if its just a teeny weeny bit on the end.
In my other life I was a nail technician... so I can speak from personal experience! Any kind of artificial nail enhancements, be it gel, acrylic, bio, etc., ultimately damage the nail. They look fab on but once you take them off, your own nails take a LONG TIME to get back to normal, IF they ever do! These enhancements are toxic chemicals which damage the cell structure of the nail bed. Regular manicures may keep your nails trim and neat but they will never correct the possible underlying health issues. After all, if a wall in your house has damp, you don't just paper and paint over it!
Splitting nails, as another answer suggested, are an indication of internal body imbalance, be it lack of water (dehydration) or lack of essential vitamins and/or minerals and fatty acids, such as fish/plant oils. You need to take a long hard look at your dietary habits, especially how much water you drink and how many fresh vegetables and good oils you have in your daily fare. And, of course, medication is a biggie: drugs can rob your body of valuable nutrients as well as play havoc with your liver and your gut. A good nutritional therapist can help you there, especially if they have the ability to find out exactly what is wrong. A therapist who uses bioresonance testing can be invaluable. Have a look at this website: to find a practitioner who does bioresonance testing near you.
Good luck


Thank you Eleana, I have always thought that any artificial nails would ultimately not be the answer. I think it is probably due to my diet so I'm definitely going to take a look at the link you have given.
Like lindadb said minerals (especially zinc) are needed to be taken orally to grow strong nails. Most of the time using a beauty product topically will not create a lasting change to the underlying mineral deficiency. I also suggest to go and see a Kinesiologist to test the correct mineral and dosage for you.
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Hi Kerry, splitting nails usually indicate a change in diet, dehydrated nails or new medication. Although gels do help, they don't solve the problem. I'd recommend regular use of a cuticle oil to give your nails the moisture they need and a protein based strengthener like nailtiques to promote healthy natural growth.
Kind regards
Also, regular manicures a good professional quality nail strengthener and even minx nails could help! go to the website shown below to check out all their designs- they are fab!
Hi Kerry,
Bio Sculpture will definately prevent your nails for splitting and will help promote healthy nail growth as there is not damage i.e drilling or filing to the actual nail bed.
Kind regards