Clearly there are fish pedicures...but, are there fish manicures?

I wonder if the same treatment can be used on hands...a bit weird, but i wonder if you get the same results?
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Yes, the treatment can also be used on the hands. Although the Garra Rufa fish pedicure is more common and popular than a fish manicure manufacturers are supplying salons with specialist manicure tanks that are of course built on a higher level and smaller than their pedicure counterparts.
Due to the fact that there is as a rule less volume of dead skin on the hands than on the feet these tanks require less fish to perform the treatment.
Garra Rufa manicure therapy is especially beneficial during the winter months when there can be a build up of dry skin on the knuckles and finger tips.
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yes there are you can use the fish to treat any areas of hard skin :)