I am setting up my own mobile Spray Tan and Nails business and looking for ideas for a catchy name??

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I too was torn when I started my business as to whether my name should be synonymous and self explanatory and then I thought that if my business is going to be with me for a long time and I am going to give my all to it, I might as well give it a name that means something to me and incites curiosity in others. I decided on Yokoso because I spent a long time in Japan and this means welcome in Japanese. Nobody has absolutely any idea but the first question they ask me is where did the name of the company come from. So my advice to you is think of something that you love but which is a little abstract, inviting your clients to ask why. Whatever you decide, just do whatever you are doing with excellence and you will build your name whatever. Hope this helps.
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I would choose something that starts with an A B or C as this will mean you will rank higher in free listing sites as they are mostly in alphabetical order.
I would first check in your area what others are called then you dont duplicate! Names: Get nailed, Beautitful booty, head to toe beauty, all in 1, x


Head to toe is taken already
Head to toe is taken already
Never meant to send that twice sorry x
colour me beautiful...Tans & Hands ...
Firstly u have to look up other compant name in the area , then look up to see what's available on domain website.
I'm not all that imaginative wen it comes to things like this unfortunately -but i would research other therapists in your area who offer similar services to see what they've used and to make sure you dont have something too similar that people could get you mixed up with. Bear in mind wether your chosen name has an available website domain, and also what else may be a result in a 'google search' by a potential client looking online....... hope this helps you choose a winner!
Good luck.
what area in London will you cover? Dulwich by any chance


sorry I am not in London = up North = Lancashire
First thing that came into my head was tans and talons, so what about Tantalonics?!


Tans N Talons, Talons N Tans