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Question: 3/4 of my nail is not sticking to my nailbed which was damaged five years ago. How can I fix this?

Asked by Sunset6

2 answers

No matter how much I cut it, it keeps growing back not sticking to the nail bed. I'm afraid when it comes out I'll have no nail growing back. Should I remove it surgically or leave it until it falls out? It's really embarrassing, sometimes I polish it to cover it. Thank you!


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Easy go to a chiropodist they will sort it out very easily!

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Hello I am a chiropodist, and I am afraid the answer is not one you will want. if the nail was badly damaged a long time ago e.g. 18 months and has not re-attatched by now then the chances are it never will.

Was it a finger or toenail? For toenails we can use Wilde-pedique to create you a prosthetic nail which looks normal and you can paint.


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