I was wondering whether anyone has problems with Shellac not lasting full two weeks on clients?

Or whether you think another system is better? Jessica geleration , gelsih etc???
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I have used shellac in the past and found the same problems as yourself so I have decided to take in gelish and found it to be excellent, Nearly all clients getting 21 days wear from it :O)


Ok thank you x I might try gelish then x
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I'm not sure what you guys use but shellac only lasts about 5 days on me before chipping I'm sick of forking out for it I also pay for some treatment most times before hand too!!! Can anyone advise...would I just be better getting acrylics?
Hi, we have jessica gelerartion and gelish, the girls prefer working with Jessica gelerartion, it can last upto 3/4 weeks on clients and with the LED lamp it will only take you 30mins to do fresh overlays.. Jessica have also just launched loads more fantastic colours. Shop around for your LED lamp, i think gelish have one for around £245. The lamp will set your nails within 30 seconds for each layer, WELL WORTH SPENDING THE EXTRA MONEY, you will make it back with the time you will save. All our clients love it and we have had no comebacks with Jessica unlike the gelish peeling!!! Good Luck x x
My daughter tried it and hers didn't last either. We are going to launch the Essie version in our salons next month and will be doing an offer! http://www.jopartridge.com and follow us on our facebook page for all our offers!
I use Gelish and it last 3+ weeks without any problems at all :-)
I use Shellac on my clients and I find the following top tips are the best to follow –
1. If the bottle is coming to the end of its life – throw it away immediately as it will affect the longevity of the shellac (do not stretch out the dregs)
2. Ensure the nail plate is cleansed with CND Scrub Fresh as thoroughly as possible in to the side walls and cuticle area.
3. Apply the polish in thin coats
4. Tip the free edge with the polish
5. Give relevant aftercare to the client
Remember it is simply not the therapist’s responsibility for a client picking and scratching at their nails – if you have followed the manufacturer’s instructions and aftercare to perfection, there should be little comeback………
I believe Gelsih is excellent however I have not heard as good reports about Jessica. I never like to bad mouth products before I have tried them though so please do not take my word as gospel here (would not want to offend the dear folk at Jessica)
Good Luck


That's really helpful and I am doing exactly what you say so I just think clients are not using oil at home or are being too heavy handed x thanksnagain x
Shellac is a fantastic product if applied correctly however if people have problems with their regular nailvarnish chipping within 1 day of polishing (like me) they are often quite hard on their nails without realising and shellac (whilst being really a cool product, can be a bit too thin as it is so like polish. Personally I use Gelish as it just seems to be the tiniest bit stronger, plus you can add a layer of structure gel for those people with really bad nails or chipping problems. You can get 21 days out of it for sure I have myself and I think there are pics on my beauty blog http://www.iheartcosmetics.co.uk
I had issues with one colour the rest are perfectly good...last longer than 2 weeks.
I have been using shellac for some time now and the only time it doesn't last the two weeks is if the nail plate is dehydrated clients must oil the nails daily to prevent this from happening using solar oil. Another reason is not preparing the nail plate properly or using the wrong uv lamp.
We also use Gellish which is good but timings are different.
I hope this helps
Shellac is a fantastic product, if applied correctly and with the appropriate lamp etc.
Solar oil used daily will help to keep the Shellac flexible and therefore last longer!
I have clients go 3 weeks between appointments with no problems at all.


Thanks I do suggest that the client uses solar oil but you know what some people are like they don't have time or forget! I'll keep at them!
I don't offer Shellac because I have heard comments from many people saying that it sometimes chip. My manicures usually last at least a week and some clients have said it lasted 3 weeks! I don't think the price the customer pay for Shellac is worth it if they can pay less for something just as good. It's all down to the therapist and how she performs the treatment in order for the manicure to last longer.
Hi, Yes i have found that some clients seem to experience chipping within two weeks bit most enjoy it chip free for almost 3 weeks.