i have got very long nails and dont cut them what should i do? what hand cream cn i use

i have got very long nails and dont want to cut them what should i do? also.what hand cream should i use for dry hands if i do allot of work with my hands? how can i unsharpen my nails?
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I would use a crystal nail file that is gentle to your nails and won't cause splitting. good hand creams for dry hands are OPI's Avoplex Hand Lotion for during the day and then a thicker one for night like L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream which will help replenish the dryness also try some moisturising gloves at night to lock the Hand Cream in at night.
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To make sure your long nails remain that use cuticle oil daily. Rub it into the skin surrounding cuticle and leave overnight. The oil will nourish the root of the nail, thus, producing more flexible nails which will be resistant to breaking (when you apply pressure it will rather bend) and spiltting.
For dry skin on you hands I would advice regular exfoliation (at least once a week) and paraffin treatment. Also make sure you moisturise your hands every time after you have contact with water.
If the nails feel to sharp use a soft sponge buffer at the edge. This is a good example: http://www.beautyagents.co.uk/epages/es137343.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es137343/Products/F1300
Please visit our website for more advice on how to look after hands and nails: http://www.beautyagents.co.uk/epages/es137343.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es137343/Categories/Aftercare/Nails_Aftercare[1]
Try Dr Belter Hand cream from the Intensa range - it has got natural ingredients and is an excellent care for dry nands. The retails size is 75ml. More details are available from our website. You can buy it on the phone and we can ship it to you or just pop in as we are located in Central London - Monument or Bank tube stations. tel 02072835800