How can I strengthen my nails quickly?

I'm getting married in under a month and looking for a quick fix to get healthy, strong, long, natural nails (no extensions or overlays). Any tips?
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You can absolutely see a big improvement to your nails in a month, but it will take a little love and care! Professional CND Shellac manicures and the use of CND Solar Oil 2-4 times a day should see your nails transformed. Shellac is the new fantastic power polish that's designed to last 14 days (but many see it last longer), which will protect your nails. SolarOil differs from many other cuticle oils in that it has a tiny molecular structure that can actually penetrate the nail, rather than just sitting on the surface. It is especially effective for those that have their hands in water a lot, as nails are porous and excess water can cause them to become weak, peel or split; using SolarOil first thing in the morning means that the oil penetrates the nail before the water gets chance to, using it again at night again helps the balance of oils, replacing any that have been lost during the day. Also, be sure to wear gloves for all household tasks and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals. Have a wonderful wedding day x


Seriously solar oil and Shellac is your best option
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My nails would grow then break grow then break grow then split so I looked into some products and other things worked but really slow and then I bought firmfemme Nail Cream from and 1 month later my nails are actually to the point where I have to cut them and this works like a dream! I would highly recommend it!
Nail Tiques is Amazing, get from website
Get formula 2 and use for 6 weeks then move on to formula 1. If you dont do this you will over proteinise your nails which makes them brake.
Hi Angharad, as a professional manicurist, I would advise to have a regular manicure during the the next month, The use of a good cuticle oil such as Solar Oil, followed by nail strengtheners, Sally Hansen has great range and last but not least a good source of vitamins for nails will benefit to nail improvement. A regular manicure will help stimulate blood circulation, improve nail and hand texture giving you immediate results. Good luck on your wedding day x Jasmin and Rose


I picked up a Sally Hanson strengthener earlier in the week but think I managed to lose it this morning...shall have to go and stock up on another one! Thanks for all your helpful advice :-)
I second solar oil and for your wedding why not have a shellac manicure. It is referred to as a power polish as it incorporates all the best properties of a gel with the best properties of a polish. It lasts 14 days and the high shine colour of shellac makes it beautiful. You also must must use solar oil twice a day to penetrate the shellac and get to your natural nail. I have been advised that you should always have your nails covered at least by a base coat as pollution and chemicals etc can cause nails problems and after all you wouldn't go out without moisturizer on your face so same principle applys to nails. If you're interested in shellac look it up on google to see someone near you. I am in Uxbridge but don't know if thats near you.
Another recommendation for solar oil and shellac here - or if no one local is offering shellac try one of the soak off gel polishes which are available such as Gellux or Gelish
Get started on Advanced Nutrition Nail Science. You will definitely see an improvement in a month.Regular manicures, every week, with the massage that will enhance your circulation, hence feeding your nail bed more quickly. Jessica Phenomen oil is amazing. One drop every evening, massage into your cuticle. Will change your cuticles in a week, & will start to strengthen your nails. Two products combined... fab job.
Have a wonderful day. It will be one your favourite forever days, mine is & that was 37 years ago!!!!
If you have a few weeks you can make quite a big difference, my advice would be to go and have a professional manicure and let them know what you want to fix about your nails, they will have specific products that will help. Remember the professionals have had time to try and test products so will have some experience of which products really work, ask them for advice on which cuticle oils and hand cream to use at home. Also research online, just google "nail care product reviews" and see what comes up, you will be able to see scores for products people have tried and tested. Treat your nails to hand cream and cuticle cream/oil every night before bed, and keep filing your nails to keep them tidy. I would also advise not wearing any colour or products on your nails while your conditioning them.
But they will take around 6 months to fully grow long, however no matter the length this will keep them looking healthy and beautiful for your big day and will help them grow quicker.
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding ! hope this helps
you can use an very old remedy method, peel garlic with your nails every day, then use a mixture of olive oil and granulated sugar, and rub it into your nails, then rinse off with warm water,its to exfoliate and it will give you softer hands and you will get stronger nails
Go to the QVC website and order Perfect Formula. You can grow stronger, decent length nails in about a month without them lifting like gels do. It worked for me after having my gels removed. Enjoy your wedding day whatever length your nails are! :-)
I definitely agree with everyone else, solar oil is brilliant and will strengthen and help promote growth. As for no overlays, a soft gel like Shellac can be very beneficial and will not ruin your natural nails at all, it will protect them whilst they grow and look amazing for your wedding.
Again, as UpToScratch says, try not to have your hands in water a lot and if you do, wear rubber gloves.
Also use a nail strengthener, sally hansen does some good ones, even just having a base and top coat on can help strengthen your nails!
have a great wedding x
Hi there
i am a personal trainer sorry but i would say ensure you getting vitams again there no quick fix please speak to some in the beauty / nails field i sure they will know more sorry and good luck
Hiya, there's not really a quick fix as such as your nails take around six months to grow from cuticle to the free edge.
To keep them healthy I would highly recommend CND Solar Oil. It's the best cuticle oil I have come across. It is professional product but any salon using their products should stock this for retail (I know I do!). Use it twice daily, once in the morning, and once in the evening for healthy nails.
As for keeping them nice until your wedding, I would suggest a product called Shellac. It's a hybrid polish which means it goes on like a polish, looks like a polish but has the strength of a gel. It does no harm to your natural nail what so ever unlike other 'similar' gel polishes . This would protect your nails from breakages until your wedding then you could either have Shellac reapplied (perhaps in a french) for your wedding or you could have it removed and have a normal polish. It must be CND Shellac though and not a copy product like Gelac for example.
Hope that helps. Have a lovely wedding.
Rhiannon x
Opi - Nail Envy is a great nail strengthener with protein and calcium. One of my clients recommended it and now its the only one I recommend - it won beauty product of the year. Together with a regular manicure programme. Also Shellac polish is a hybrid polish which lasts for approx 14 days, it doesn't affect the natural nail. google shellac for your nearest Shellac salon. I offer it at my salon in Leigh on Sea in Essex. Hope this helps x
I agree, without 'false' options there is no 'quick fix' but professional manicures, that use a quality treatment base coat and top coat to protect the nails and regular application of cuticle oil and hand cream should help..
I believe there is! When I want to grow my nails quickly I put on 'nail decals' your nails grow well underneath then when you want simply remove the decal lovely nails relvealed simplesss. :-)
Try and find someone near you that does Artistic Colour Gloss. This contains keratin protein which will strengthen and protect your nails
Calcium is a top tip for stronger and healthier nails. We do a product called X-tra Cal that I've been using for some time. My nails now grow faster, healthier and stronger. Have a look at my website under healthy women tab and you'll find a lot more information to help you ;-)
I wouldn't say there is a "quick fix" but regular manicures and cuticle oil used at least twice daily is your best option for strong healthy nails.