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Question: What treatment can I get for flakey nails and generally nail in bad condition?

Asked by reshma

12 answers

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hot oil manicures or dry manicures to help promote healthy nail growth. Nails are porous, and when exposed to wet conditions, they will soak up water etc, this caises the many layers of the nails to expand, causing seperation of the nail layers, and when the nails dry, and reduce back to their normal size, you can be left with flakey nails.
There are certain conditions such as psorisis of the nail and others that can also cause this, your nail tech will be able to help you when you go to vicit. It is important when you are at home to keep looking after your nails, ie wearing rubber gloves, applying cuticle oil etc, hope this has helped, ruth x

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i recommend that you do not use any varnishes, best product that i have found in the industry is nailtiques. Use cuticle oil and massage it in to the cuticle, or even almond oil. there are non acetone polishes in the industry that don't have scent and are water based also they are removed with an oily remover rather than acetone- company is called sun coat nails, although they don't have a massive range in colours and are slightly difficult to apply, as you need to apply thinly coats (but dry very fast) its a treatment for the nails. dry and flaky nails are also related to your diet, so try and eat the right things and take calcium tablets.




I would suggest a course of manicures and apply OPI nail envy along side Solar oil by CND. These will both help to make your nails stronger x Hope this helps a little x


We have got NailTek intensive therapy product, which is available at Body Silk Clinic and which we give to our patients with problem nails. It will help your nails stop being flaky and will keep them healthy and strong. Pls get in touch if you have questions 02072835800. Body Silk Clinic.


I would suggest a Jessica manicure for flakey nails. Regular warm mittens manicures and solar oil on the cuticles daily would heal your nails.


I would also recommended that you dont wear nail polish for a while, go for a luxury manicure and ask your therapist how you can look after your nails at home. If you wear false nails also avoid these for a while. If you cant see your nails its difficult to see if there condition is improving, give them some TLC for a good 6/8 weeks, use hand creams and cuticle and nail oils daily, they will soon be looking healthy again.


The Sun Spa

I am a Nail Tech and have tried everything - I swear by Nail Magic its been around since the 80's and it works its a old remedy and fantastic! They sell it on Amazon
Martines Beauty Spot


Milled Flax Power is fabulous for the hair and nails. Take 2 tablespoons 2 x day and you will notice the difference in about 3 weeks. Great for the bowel too! When you have an efficient bowel you are able to absorb vitamins and minerals more readily, thus avoiding mal-absorbtion. Bowel health is the key to many ailments.
Hope this helps, Belinda x


OPI Nail Envy is a great strengthner. That with regular manicures would definitely help and drinking a pint of milk every day would also help.


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Nail envy is fab I use it all the time and have a lot of my client on it too x


Have your nails treated by a natural nails professional. Avoid applying nail enhacements, minx, etc. Most importantly, remember to have a healthy diet. A diet rich in calcium will help to strenghten your nails (ie: milk and derived foods)



Dear Reshma,
There are some excellent suggestions here. A manicure / luxury manicure would be an very good route to take.
On the beauty product front it would be worth considering the Nailtiques product range, which is the choice of such A-listers as Beyonce Knowles, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss, which speaks volumes really. Unfortunately we do not sell the product online ourselves, however we do have a lot of information posted up about their products and prices on our website.



Weekly Manicures, once a week for 4 weeks, then maintenance 1-2 monthly manicures. A home care treatment using Duri Rejuvacoat Nail Hardener. Use it once a day for a week, remove and do it again for the following week until you start seeing improvements. Then you can space out the home care treatment. Clients have achieved dramatic results with their flakey/bad nails.

Nita x

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