What should I do to take care of my hands inbetween manicure appointments?

Asked by ikjones

3 answers

Clarins Hand Cream is great for keeping the hands soft. That and a file and paint once a week should do the trick.
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moisturise and rub grape seed oil or almond oils in cuticles twice a day
Hiya, keepig your hands and nails moisturised is a good thing to do in between manicure treatments. A good moisturiser and cuticle oil applied to your cuticles and surrounding skin will promote healthy nail growth and keep your hands moisturised. If you were wanting to use a scrub once inbetween appointments to exfoliate as well it all adds to keeping your hands looking great, also if you have any raggedy bits on your nails use a soft grit file to smooth down, always file from the outside of the nail and in towards the centre, then change to the opposite side of the nail and do the same, this will stop splitting, hopethat helps!! ruth
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