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Question: are there any nail treatments I can do at home that are like Calgel? I want to paint it on.

Asked by Elise9 5 years ago

3 answers

I want to paint my nails with a gel like Calgel which will protect my nails and let them breathe and grow. I do not want to glue on false nails.

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GemmaTaylor 5 years ago

There isn't a soak off gel available for you to purchase as a consumer. This is for a number of reasons but mainly because all gel products such as calgel need a UV light to cure them and these are very expensive to purchase.

I would source a reputable salon to have this service.

Sources: I'm a nail tech!

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Olabecee 5 years ago

Hi Elise, I agree with Gemma Taylor---you're better off sourcing out a reputable salon and I highly recommend SHELLAC. Below is a link to see what shellac is all about.

Sources: I'm a beauty therapist / Nail technician @

vanessaryan 5 years ago

people think that taking nails off will allow them to breath,nails dont breath but leaving all products off can stimulate them to grow better.If your going to put a product similar to calgel on your nails you will still doing the same damage as if you have false ones on.polish and products on your nails will make them feel stronger but once you take it off it is back to square one where they are back to being weak again.If you want natural nails then let them grow naturally and just keep filing them once a week to strengthen and plenty off hand cream

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