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Question: Is there a minimum age for spa breaks?

Asked by Sarahrosie

13 answers

I want to take my daughter, aged 16, for a spa day as a treat and want to know if there are any treatments she can't have.

Hot Stone Massage, Manicure, Facials, Aromatherapy Massage

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Hi Sarah,
This will depend very much on the spa and their insurance. I expect any invasive treatment will not be suitable for under 18's. Treatments such as facials and manicure/pedicure should be fine, also most places will allow spray tans for over 16 with parents permission. This is dependent on the individuals insurance though, so it will be best to check with the spa before you book.


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We are allowed to take your daughter for treatments although we wouldn't be allowed to have her alone in the room with a therapist.So if she wanted the massage or facial she would have to have an adult present with her as she is classed as a minor. She could however have the other treatments available on our spa day as it would be in open manicure,pedicure etc.
You'll probably find that most insurance policies are strict in the treatment of minors even if the parent has signed and given permission



Hia Sarah I believe you would be able to bring your daugher with you, I know she is under 18 you will give parental approval I think it would be ok in regards to their insurance, call ahead to check if they would allow a junior with you the parent, ....lovely idea hope you both get to enjoy your spa treat.


No there are no age limits for treatments.Generally under 18's will need the written permission of the parent or guardian before any treatment. The venue may have their own age limits on site for whatever management reason,but, as long as you give written permission(whether they ask for it or not) then everyone is covered.


Dear Sarah!
You can take her pedicure, manicure. Don't let her tkae any artifical thinkgs to her nails!


Hi there its lovely when Mums and daughters have some fun relaxing time together! Check with each individual place but I can see no reason why your daughter cannot enjoy spa treatments with you at 16.



thats really nice , my daughter was too body concscious to go to the spa with me , so i invested in a galvanic spa for use at home for the two of us. preventation is better than cure - you too will love the treatments and will be delighted to know that once you own a kit you have access to products at 30% less than the rrp. have a look at the website below - your daughter can invite a few friends round and they can treat each other



I think that 16 is appropriate as long as there is a chaperone and that the young ladies are well behaved. Specific treatments can be arranged. Most spas offer 'teen facials'. I applaud you for introducing your girls to professional skin care and the overall spa experience!


Only if she has a medical problem, I can do Luxury Organic Facials, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone & Indian Head Massage treatments in the comfort of your own home, also I can offer a pamper party evening as a friend of mine does manicures, pedicures etc... In case your interested!!



Dear Sarah , the minimum age is 16 for most , she can have most treatments with your permission, make sure you have a choice of therapists as there are male and female therapists . These are professional people and both give good treatments so think about it before you go. Many do a mother and daughter break these are ideal for a first time , have fun and enjoy it . Hope this helps please feel free to ask any more questions as i work at a health farm.


Hi Sarah! There its lovely when Mums with daughters,have some beauty treatments together! Check with each individual place.Reason why your daughter cannot enjoy spa ?If she start go to Spa treatments with you at 16,that mean at 18(and more),she look more beauty,and healty. Thanks to your mum,for give to you thise shance. My Salon in Leeds.Always welcome:-)


For young people in good health there is no known counter-indication for taking spas - my friend's kids 4 to 6 years old take a bubble bath every day - see



We’ve done nrs of mother and daughter massages with great satisfaction of our clients:

I booked this massage for both my daughter and me,

Please try our tailored treatment for 2.
You could have it in the same room or in 2 separate rooms.
We are running number of promotions for Couples Massage and Massage for Two, just contact us to discuss your individual quote.

Best regards


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