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Never underestimate the power of a great haircut. Whether you're after a bob, layers or a buzzcut, using a combination of scissors, razorblades and even clippers, your hairdresser will help you to find your perfect look.

Never underestimate the power of a great haircut. From Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel cut’ to Victoria Beckham’s famous bob, a killer cut has been known to make or break a celebrity's career in an instant and define the era they were created in. Using a combination of scissors, razorblades and even clippers, your hairdresser will help you to find your own signature haircut.

Today’s hair is no less news worthy but thanks to social media, trends tend to come and go much faster than they did in Jennifer's Anniston's flicky, layered heyday. A quick look at Instagram will show you that choppy cuts with distressed, razored ends are very much the look of now. It's all about an undone edge and a cool girl vibe. Salon goers today prefer the ‘grown out’ look, a low-maintenance style that aims to create a care-free, just rolled out of bed effect (regardless of whether you’ve spent hours in the salon trying to perfect it!) over the precision cuts of the past.

Like fashion, the world of hair has gone through many shifts and changes over the centuries. Popular hairstyles are constantly in flux, from the towering curls of the 70’s to the blown out perms of the 80’s, no look is complete without the perfect finishing touch of an on-trend hair cut. Modern day styles have developed over time, and today there is less of a ‘one cut fits all’ method with the addition of a large variety of new techniques such as graduation, layering and blunt cuts (just to name a few), as well as a more relaxed and laid-back approach to styling. Today the rules are less rigid; people tend to go more bespoke when it comes to their haircut. Flexible, fashion forward hairdressers are able to come up with a style that perfectly compliments your unique look. Men’s haircuts are having a moment in the hairdressing world right now, and statistics show they’re spending more time than ever before perfecting their grooming routine. From fades to fusey’s (look it up!), spending time and money investing in the perfect cut is no longer just for women.

But regardless of how you choose to style your hair, nowadays, it seems as soon as we’ve got our head around one hair trend, there’s already another cropping up around the corner. So whether you visit your stylist religiously or only go for the chop once or twice a year - forget the fads for now. Sometimes all we really want is a good old trim, right?

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