I'm a bit concerned about the way my hairdresser dyes my hair. Can anyone advise me?

I get my brown hair dyed blonde with full foils, but worry about the way my hairdresser does it. She sections my hair and weaves half of it in the foil to colour it, then takes another section above or below and leaves it before taking another section and using foil on it. In total only a quarter of my hair is coloured and the results are sometimes patchy. Is this normal?
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hello...well yes this is completely normal..if you want a natural look..we are taught to leave a small section in between so that it looks like hi-lites rather than a block colour..you can ask for the sections to be smaller or go for a global colour instead???? your stylist may have to charge you more if every section is foiled.it takes a lot longer and uses more colour...ask them about it..hope this helps..xx
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Hi, this is a case of personal choice and it depends on the thickness of your hair and the Finnish you would like. I don't leave sections in between, but other stylists in the Salon do leave fine sections. If you want more Hi-lights then just ask your stylist and she can put more in next time. As for patchiness , this you should not have, although i have seen it when clients have just had their roots hi-lighted and the colour has not been taken through to the ends. Hope this helps Regards Debra
This is a quick way of doing full head and not acceptable unless that's what you asked for. If you'd rather not approach the subject with her and easier way is to next time ask for your foils to be back to back xx
Hi, I would say your hairdresser is lazy and just trying to get the job done quickly but at the full cost to make more money.
Either that or she is just under the impression this is how you like it.
Either way I think you should say something.
Good luck.