Can I highlight my naturally brown/black hair with permanent dye rather than bleach at home?

My hair has never been dyed before. It is brown but people think it's black because it's so dark. Can I do this at home without going ginger/damaging it? Any recommended products or tips? Thanks.
Asked by Marie1212

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I would advise you leave well alone.
It will undoubtedly go wrong and you will end up spending a fortune in colour correction.
The only thing that will lift such dark hair is bleach and then I expect you would need a toner.
Have you considered the Brazilian blow dry ?
It would make your hair smooth and shiny after the bleach for between 2-4 months.
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Hello Marie,
I would advise you not to try and highlight your own hair at home because quite often the colours on the boxes are tried and tested on white hair therefore with no pigment so it will not look the same colour as what is on the box. There is a very high chance that your hair would go more gingery as dark brown hair throws out warmth and to counteract this you would need to tone down the lights so they look as natural as possible.
Also, some box colours contain matalic salts these would mean that in the future it would be very difficult to change the colour as matalic salts react with other chemicals. You also need to do a patch test to ensure your no allergic to the colour as you've never had colour before.
I would go to your local salon for a consultation and colour this way they can match a colour that doesnt look artificial and when they apply it it will be even aswell. Using professional products will mean your hair will be kept in the best condition as they will also use the colour that is the correct strength for your hair.
Good Luck
MatthewDavid and Team
Hi Marie the only way you can find out is doing a stand test as it depends on your hair pigments, it's most likely to go giner best advise would always to vist a salon.
Good luck
i really think for your benefit you should seek professional help..your hair is already prone to frizzing and is probably quite dry if it is may need to pre-soften your cuticle if you want the colour to notice..which is very hard to do at home..also you will almost definately go a reddish/orange tone as the pre-lightener can only lighten an average of 6-8 will then need to tone your hair to reduce the orange tone!!! then i strongly recommend a deep conditioning treatment and a hair trim....this will all come at a price but believe me if you damage your hair it will cost more to put it right...there are a lot of promotions out there for take a recommendation or book a free consultation..most hair salons will take a strand of your hair to test it and call you to see the results before you feel confident enough to book the appointment..also make sure you have a skin colour allergy test at the salon 48 hours before the treatment....our january promotion for hair colour is....20% off full colour service if you have the service done between mon-thurs with alice or tamisha[both qualified hair stylists].
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