How to get back to blond hair from recently stripped (non damaged) black with a semi perm brown on

I used to have black hair that i dyed, then i left it 4 months, put the a non damage stripper on and put a semi perm dark brown on. I need some advice on how to get this to a highlighted blond like avril lavigne's. thanks :) :) :)
Asked by midgeymoo

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Hi....I have searched for the answer to this question but have not had a straight forward yes or no. Here it is. I have used schwarzkopf no11 blonde on my brown hair for years... just the top half and its lifted great. Then I decided to try to go platinum...bought titanium by mistake( a cheap inferior quality I mite add) ended up like a hag with muddy grey hair!
So....I then tried to put the usual blonde over the top no then..stripped all out with lemon and conditioner....highly recommend this method rather than chemical strip........This worked but left my hair a dull darkish blond the question is can I used a highlight kit on it or will I be able to use the no11 eventually.....i did a strand test with no 11 that night and it didnt come any lighter...BTW...yes all this in one hair is in amazing condition...just a tad dry of course now but not bad....Im lucky that way....strong hair. ..takes colour well....usually. and no I cannot go to the salon...its to expensive. And I trust my hair...just need to know before I go ahead to do this, on any ones experience and advice. Thank you for any help.
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I would seriously advise you to seek professional help. I know this is costly, both cash and time wise but you will be able to acheive a far better finish. They will be able to do foils which will allow you a few different colours, a much nicer finish!!!
As below, do make sure you tell them he previous chemical treatments or you could end up with an uneven result and damaged hair.
Good luck!!! :0)
hi midgeymoo - the process you are asking about is a chemical process that will affect the condition of your hair. We would always recommend that any colour process be carried out by professionals in a salon environment. As you have already carried out a colour reduction treatment on your hair it will bre in a delicate condition already. if you are in our area and would like to visit us for a consultation please call us on 01273 502052.
Hi, my best advice is to go to salon before you do anything else. Also you should tell them about every colour, toner etc. you have used on your hair. Please, don't do it at home, you may regret it!