Is it best to get real or fake hair extensions?

And do you know of any good Salons in the Surrey area?
Asked by hannah01

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I would allways opt for real hair as you can treat it more like your own hair. Fake or mono fiber hair extension are in essence plastic if you try to use heat appliances on them they will melt so hair straighteners won't be able to be used. Research which real hair you will opt for as some can be coloured and some have been coated so colour won't take on them . Having extensions are a big committment selecting the best type and quality will give you the best flexibilty when wearing them . For me I would opt for real hair that can be colour so if during your 3months of wearing them you want to change the color of refresh the colour you can .hope this helps michelle
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Karmin Easy Clips makes the best extensions in my opinion
Real! GO for the high range of the market. Even tho the money can be eye watering the after effects are worth it. Synthetic hair can not be styled with GHDS, tongs, or any kind of heat. it can also look very cheap and is very hard to manage.
I wish you luck.